Save the Migrator Project starts, new clothing catalog, new pin

1 02 2008

BREAKING NEWS: BillyBob says we are not done helping Rockhopper and a lot will happen this month.

Check out the beach today. Rockhopper is gone but a “Save the Migrator Project” stand is by the lighthouse. There is a question mark pointing to something on the plans. Is the plan to move the Migrator back to Rockhopper Island?


If you look through the telescope by the beacon on the lighthouse, you can see Rockhopper and Yarr rowing away.


The new pin is in the lighthouse, on the wall by the stairs, under Rockhopper’s portrait.


The new clothing catalog is out today too.


Click the medal on the White Admiral Jacket to buy the the Green Snorkel hidden item.


Click the Buy tag on the constructor worker’s hat to buy the Hardhat.


Click the Buy tag on the construction worker’s vest to buy the Safety Vest.


Put on the Hardhat and dance to drill with a jackhammer!


Click the Russian Hat once to get the Viking Helmet hidden item. Click the Russian Hat four times to get the Blue Viking Helmet hidden item.

There are also some new player card backgrounds.

Did I miss anything?

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~


Rockhopper’s rowboat and Yarr at the beach

23 01 2008

BREAKING NEWS: BillyBob said Rockhopper is on the island, and he will give penguins something if they ask to be his buddy. Is this something different from the Rockhopper card background he usually gives out? If we find him, we’ll let you know. If you see him, tell us what he is giving out!

Rockhopper’s rowboat is beached by the lighthouse!


Yarr is on the rowboat but there is no sign of Rockhopper.


On the rowboat is a free item: A life vest. Walk on the box of life vests to add the item to your inventory.

Rockhopper and Yarr had to escape in the rowboat after the Migrator crashed.

You can see the Migrator in the telescope on the lighthouse.


Does this mean Rockhopper is somewhere on the island? I looked everywhere but didn’t see him.

And in the lighthouse now, the old “Ocean Voyage” music is playing again. Not the music from the Fall Fair.

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~