Save the Migrator Project starts, new clothing catalog, new pin

1 02 2008

BREAKING NEWS: BillyBob says we are not done helping Rockhopper and a lot will happen this month.

Check out the beach today. Rockhopper is gone but a “Save the Migrator Project” stand is by the lighthouse. There is a question mark pointing to something on the plans. Is the plan to move the Migrator back to Rockhopper Island?


If you look through the telescope by the beacon on the lighthouse, you can see Rockhopper and Yarr rowing away.


The new pin is in the lighthouse, on the wall by the stairs, under Rockhopper’s portrait.


The new clothing catalog is out today too.


Click the medal on the White Admiral Jacket to buy the the Green Snorkel hidden item.


Click the Buy tag on the constructor worker’s hat to buy the Hardhat.


Click the Buy tag on the construction worker’s vest to buy the Safety Vest.


Put on the Hardhat and dance to drill with a jackhammer!


Click the Russian Hat once to get the Viking Helmet hidden item. Click the Russian Hat four times to get the Blue Viking Helmet hidden item.

There are also some new player card backgrounds.

Did I miss anything?

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~




4 responses

1 02 2008

what is the save the migrator comment i mean you cant do anything

Right now, Club Penguin is just rallying support for Rockhopper. We can’t yet do anything to help rebuild the Migrator.
Mr Snowball3

1 02 2008

dude sorry for not posting FOR EVER but i have had some SERIOUS alien issues. Is it ok if i appoint you as poster for abominable?

It’s cool. I’m glad to do this!
Mr Snowball3

1 02 2008

Waz up? Thanks for the comment. Are you interested in aliens? I am. I used to be very interested… Stop by again!

The Aliens are cool. I’m busy enough with RPF!
Mr Snowball3

30 05 2009

U can tip the iceburg with that 2 bad I wasn’t a member.

I’ve never seen the iceberg tipped, and believe me, I’ve tried. 🙂
Mr Snowball3

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