Rockhopper’s back!

5 03 2010

Be sure to check out our guide for finding him.

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3


How to find Rockhopper

24 04 2008

Greetings, Penguins of Abominable,

Rockhopper is here!


I’ve seen Rockhopper a bunch of times (and just missed him a lot more times), and here’s how I found him:

Find out if Rockhopper is on Club Penguin. On the login window, type his name and any password that is 5 or more characters long.

If the message says his account is banned “Forever” he is not online, so stop looking.

If the message says “Incorrect Password” he is online, so you can start looking!

Look for him on the popular servers. But be sure to check the other servers too. I’ve found Rockhopper twice on the middle U.S. servers.

Look on servers with more penguins than normal. That may mean word is out that Rockhopper is there.

Look for him on the deck or in the hold of his ship. He often starts and ends his visits to a server on the Migrator.

After you check his ship, check the other big rooms. I’ve seen him on the Migrator and at the beach, dock, pizza shop, snow forts, cove, iceberg, and dojo. I saw him once walk through the ski village and go up to the mountain. I’ve heard he goes to the night club too. I don’t think he goes to the mine or underground.

If a room is full, it may mean Rockhopper is in the room. Especially if the room is the beach or on his ship. So keep trying to get into the room. It may also mean that a bunch penguins are just crowded into the room. 😀

If Rockhopper is in a room, you will see a bunch of penguins yelling for him. A lot of the penguins may be red too.


Rockhopper is a little bigger than other penguins, so he stands out a bit. But sometimes so many penguins are crowded around him, you can’t see him anyway.


Look at the Player List if you want to check if Rockhopper is in the room. Go to your buddy list and click the Player List button to see all the penguins in the room.


Some penguins will try to trick you. They will yell that Rockhopper is

On another server


Or in another room


Or something else


Don’t always believe these penguins. If Rockhopper really were on another server or in another room, then those penguins would be there too.

After you find Rockhopper, add him as a friend. He will give you an autographed Rockhopper background. He won’t show up in your buddy list, though. I’ve sent him postcards but haven’t received one back from him!

Click the Visit Home button on his buddy card. You will go to the Migrator.

Don’t give up. This is the most important advice! I have looked for him for more than an hour before I finally found him.

Follow this advice, and you will find Rockhopper!

Maybe he’ll come to Abominable? I’ll be looking for him on our server. If I see him, I’ll post something right away. If you see him on Abominable, please write a comment where you saw him on Abominable and when.

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~


Today’s newspaper

21 02 2008

Today’s newspaper has lots of news.

It has a story on the new Aqua Grabber game and says we will find out soon what we will do with the pieces of the Migrator we collect.

The paper said we will get new igloo furniture February 22 and get new fishing lures to catch the big gray fish in the Ice Fishing game February 29. It also said new books are coming to the Book Room.

Upcoming events.
February 22: New igloo catalog and new furniture catalog
February 29: New sports catalog and new pin
March 3: New books in Book Room
March 7:
New wig catalog and new clothing catalog

Click here to read the newspaper.

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~

New Aqua Grabber game

19 02 2008

The new Aqua Grabber game came out today. You can play it on the Iceberg.

You use G’s sub to pick up five pieces of Rockhopper’s sunken ship the Migrator.


If you complete the game, you get a pin.


The game is pretty hard. I completed it after trying a couple of times. I think it is better to go slow and glide instead of rushing around to pick up all the pieces.

Some penguins are having trouble playing the game. The first time I tried, I couldn’t play it. I had to quit my Web browser and start it up again to play.

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~

Sub-Marine Party starts!

15 02 2008

BREAKING NEWS: BillyBob said today that Gary the Gadget Guy’s invention on the Iceberg will be a new game. He said we will find out more early next week.

Today the Sub-Marine Party begins! The underwater party is to celebrate Club Penguin’s attempt to save Rockhopper’s ship the Migrator.

The new pin is at the cove. Walk out in the tide pool to the rock to get the anchor.


A Seashell Belt free item is in a box In the Library above the Coffee Shop.


A Yellow Snorkel free item is in a treasure chest In the Forest.


Click the oyster in the middle of the Forest to see a pink puffle. Also click the stuffed fish in the big shell to make it change colors.

The Nightclub is a sunken submarine. I love it! In the Lounge above the dance floor is the control room of the submarine. Click the big red button on the control panel to sound the alarm.


I like how CP decorated the Nightclub the best. But I like the Coffee Shop and the Lighthouse Tower too.


The party will run from February 15 to 20.

Aunt Arctic said in the newspaper that a new year book from Snowball Press may be on the way. Watch the shelves up in the Library for the new book.

In other news, Gary the Gadget Guys said he is almost done building the submarine that he will use to recover the Migrator. He said he will take the first dive to Rockhopper’s sunken ship on February 19. You can see the nearly completed sub on the Iceberg. I wonder if it will be a new game?


Go to the Iceberg today to vote for a name for G’s vehicle.


The free Miner’s Hat is still on the Iceberg too.

Upcoming events.
February 15: Sub-Marine party and new pin
February 19: Launch of G’s sub and name revealed
February 22: Furniture update
February 29: Sports catalog update

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~

New play, and G is building his device on the iceberg

8 02 2008

Whoa! What a busy day!

The new play is out today. It is called “Team Blue’s Rally Debut.” The play is of a mascot tryout, the stage is a gym, and the costumes are for the mascots and judges.


Over on the iceberg, you can see what Gary the Gadget Guy’s is buidling to bring up the Migrator. His device looks like a small submarine with an arm for grabbing the pieces of the wrecked Migrator. He is also building a pier or something beside the iceberg.


On the left of the iceberg is a box of free miner’s helmets, so everyone can help G. Put on just the Miner’s Helmet and then dance to drill with a jackhammer (just like the Hardhat does).


Finallly, there are three new postcards.

One for Jet Pack Adventure:


One for asking a penguin to be your buddy:


And an invitation to meet on the ski hill:


Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~

Gary the Gadget Guy working to recover the Migrator

7 02 2008

In today’s newspaper, Gary the Gadget Guy said he has been working on a device to recover Rockhopper’s ship the Migrator. His plan is to bring up the Migrator bit by bit. He will work from the iceberg.


The paper said Club Penguin will have a special party on February 15 for the Save the Migrator campaign.

And BillyBob said there will be two new postcards Friday.

Upcoming events.
February 8: Post-card update and new play at the stage
February 15: Party begins and new pin
February 22: Furniture update

Click here to read the newspaper.

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~