The Puffle Party 2011 begins

17 02 2011

Club Penguin kicked off the Puffle Party today.

Be sure to check all the rooms! Grab a puffle from your igloo, and take it to its party room to earn a Party Puffle stamp:

In the Plaza, pick up your Blue Puffle Hat:

In the Pet Shop, adopt your Brown Puffle, if you didn’t get one during the Wilderness Expedition:

From the Dance Lounge, take the elevator up to Night Club Rooftop. Bust a move!

From the Snow Forts, take the path to the Puffle Feeding area …

… to feed puffles by throwing O berries at them:

At the Beach, enter the Box Dimension from the portal box near the Lighthouse:

In the Lighthouse, have your portrait painted:

From the Ski Village, check out the Puffle Show:

At the show, have your puffle do the exercise course and get groomed.

Grab your Striped Puffle Jacket while you are there:

The party runs from February 18 to 27.

Did I miss anything?

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3


Mission 9: Operation: Spy & Seek step-by-step guide

5 11 2010

Here are step-by-step instructions for completing Mission 9: Operation: Spy & Seek on Club Penguin.


1. Talk with Gary the Gadget Guy.

He asks you to gather intelligence on Herbert P. Bear’s whereabouts and find out as much as possible about his plans.

Gary’s plan is to place three tracking devices across the island, which should help locate the problematic polar bear.

You have to do some work on the devices to get them ready, and then you can install them.

Gary marked with a red X on your map the best locations to install the devices.

2. Put the three tracking devices, the yellow duck, and the plans for the kite on the wall in your inventory (marked with red arrows, below).

3. Using your Spy Phone, teleport to the Ski Lodge.

4. Talk to the two penguins at the Find Four game. (This is my favorite game!)

They are missing game pieces.

5. Tell them you will keep an eye out for the missing pieces.

6. Collect the missing game pieces:

  1. On the first rung of the ladder up to the Lodge Attic.
  2. On the stool beneath the telephone.
  3. On the windowsill.
  4. Between the chimney and the rocking horse, in the Lodge Attic.
  5. On the table by the typewriter, in the Lodge Attic.
  6. On the table by the phonograph, in the Lodge Attic.
  7. On the crate by the lamp, in the Lodge Attic.
  8. On the crate between the couches, in the Lodge Attic.

7. While you are in the Lodge Attic, pick up the piece of string sticking out from under the rug and put it in your inventory.

8. Go back downstairs, and give the game pieces to the penguins.

9. Teleport to the Forest, pick up the sticks on the snow, and put them in your inventory.

10. Teleport to the Ski Hill.

11. In your inventory, put the kite plans on the sticks on then put that on the string to make a kite.

12. In your inventory, put the kite on a tracking device.

13. Put the kite-tracking device on the pole.

14. Teleport to the Plaza, and talk with the two penguins.

The red puffle, Ed McCool, demonstrates puffle bowling. The blue puffle, Destructo, looks alarmed.

Next, the blue puffle blows a bubble, which bursts, getting gum everywhere.

The two penguins ask for your help.

15. Tell them, sure, you’d be happy to help.

16. Click the gum stretched between the two penguins to free them.

17. Ask if you can take the gum.

18. Put the wad of gum in your inventory.

19. Teleport to the Dock, and talk to the green penguin working on the boat.

20. Offer to help.

21. Grab the wooden handle of the starter cord, and give it a pull to start the motor.

22. Ask if you can borrow the bicycle tire pump.

23. Put the air pump in your inventory.

24. Teleport to the Iceberg.

25. In your inventory, put the gum on the duck to patch the hole and then use the pump on the duck.

26. Grab the pump’s handle, and pump air into the duck.

27. Click the inflated duck on a transmitter in your inventory.

28. From your inventory, click the duck-transmitter and put it in the water, to the right of the outcropping of ice.

29. Teleport to the Mine Shack, and talk to the penguin on the roof about the mine track and cart.

Rory says he has to first make some repairs.

30. Ask if there is anyway you can help.

He asks if you can fix the troughs on the shack.

31. To get started, click the troughs on the right side of the shack.

32. To fix the trough, click and drag the beams of wood to rearrange them so the trough can tilt down to the left. (See below for how to arrange the beams.)

33. Once you have the beams arranged, click the left side of trough and pull it down.

34. Talk to the penguin again, and offer to fix the mine cart.

35. Click the tipped-over cart to set it back on the track.

36. Click the welding gear.

37. Click and hold the welding torch over the cracks to fix them.

Have fun welding. Spell you name with the welding torch!

38. Put the last transmitter into the cart, and then click the cart to send it down the mine.

G calls you on your spy phone.

39. Talk to G, and then report back to HQ.

40. Talk to G.

He gives you the Binoculars 3000.

41. Put the Binoculars 3000 in your inventory.

42. Teleport to the Ski Lodge, and go through the Gone Fishing door.

43. In your inventory, click the Binoculars 3000, and then click the far side of the ice pond.

You see Herbert with Klutzy, trying to start a fire.

Your spy phone rings.

44. Talk to G.

He tells you to go across the pond and attach the binoculars to the spy phone.

45. Cross the pond.

You are in Herbert’s chaotic camp. If you click the blue drawing, you will see a puzzling message.

46. Grab the spy phone on the snow, and combine it with the Binoculars 3000 in your inventory.

47. Go to the left, clicking trees till you receive a message that says “This tree is just perfect for the camera.

48. From your inventory, put the surveillance binoculars/phone in the tree.

Your spy phone rings again, and G says the binoculars/phone is transmitting.

49. Teleport back to HQ, talk with G, and then observe Herbert.

50. Be sure to collect your medal and gift.

You’re done!

Did I miss anything?

If you want to see how to do other secret agent missions, go to our Mission Guide page:

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Mr Snowball3

Note: The two puffles you meet in the Plaza are named Ed McCool (the red one who bowls) and Destructo (the blue one who chews gum).

Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue step-by-step guide

26 10 2010

Here are step-by-step instructions for completing Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue on Club Penguin.


1. Talk with Gary the Gadget Guy.

Keep talking with G until you can ask him, “Where can I find the life preserver shooter?”

2. Click the Gadget Room security door to enter the Gadget Room.

3. Find the life preserver shooter on the top shelf of the case, and put it in your inventory.

4. Use your spy phone to teleport to the Lodge.

5. To the right of the back door that leads to the ice-fishing hole, grab the fishing pole and put it in your inventory.

6. Teleport to the Light House.

7. Grab the rope hanging out of the rowboat, and put it in your inventory.

8. Climb the stairs to the Beacon, and find the telescope.

9. Take your spy phone from your inventory, and click the flashing-red light at the top of the phone.

10. Click the wrench that pops out, and click the wrench on the bolt that is attaching the telescope to the railing.

11. Put the portable telescope in your inventory.

12. Teleport to the Sport Shop.

13. Remove the brown belt from the lime-green penguin mannequin (or would that be penguinequin?), and put it in your inventory.

14. Exit through the door, out to the Ski Village.

15. Look around, and you see a brown penguin crying.

16. Talk to the penguin.

The penguin tells you the ski lift is broken and asks if you can fix it.

17. From your inventory, take the brown belt, click it on the ski lift, and attach it to the motor.

18. At the foot of the ski lift, pick up the white fur and put it in your inventory.

19. Go back into the Sport Shop, and go through the door to Gary’s Room.

20. Look around to find the tripod in front of a window in Gary’s Room.

21. From your inventory, take the telescope, and click it on the tripod.

22. Click the telescope to look through it.

You see a bunch of paths leading from the top of the mountain down to four stranded penguins.

Your task is to make your way down the paths to the four penguins and rescue them. The correct path is different each time you do the mission, so grab a pencil and write down the path that leads to the penguins. It can be a little tricky, but the easiest way is to work from the base of the mountain up to the top—from the four penguins back up—and note which paths to take. It’s kind of like doing a maze in reverse. You also can just guess, if you can’t be bothered.

23. On a piece of paper, write down which paths lead from the top of the mountain down to the four penguins.

24. Teleport to the Mountain.

Note the odd footprints.

25. Click the run to start your trip down the path.

26. Each time you come to an intersection of paths, look at your notes to see which is the right path to take.

At the bottom of the path, you see crashed tubes and a broken fence.

27. In your inventory, put the fishing pole on the life preserver shooter …

…and then put the rope on the contraption.

28. Click the fishing-pole-life-preserver-shooter contraption on the edge of the cliff.

You see the four penguins and a life preserver tied to a rope.

29. Click the tangled branches to the right to clear them away with the preserver.

30. Click the first penguin, in the middle, to have it grab the life preserver.

31. With the first penguin clinging to the preserver, click the penguin over on the right.

You now have two penguins hanging from the preserver.

32. Position the two penguins over the branch the first penguin was standing on, and click the branch.

You place a penguin on the branch. The penguin bends the branch out of the way, so the other penguin still on the preserver can reach the third penguin.

33. Click to the right of the penguin on the branch.

The penguin on the preserver drops down and picks up the third penguin.

34. Click the penguin on the branch to collect the three penguins on the preserver.

35. Over the the left, click the ledge three times, to the left of the boulder, to safely put the three penguins down.

The three penguins push the boulder over the ledge.

36. Now, click the three penguins again to collect them on the preserver.

37. With the three penguins on the preserver, click between the ledge and the branch to swoop down and rescue the fourth penguin.

38. Back on the mountain top, put away your contraption, talk with G again, and give him the white fur.

39. Be sure to collect your medal, gift, and letter.

You’re done!

Did I miss anything?

If you want to see how to do other secret agent missions, go to our Mission Guide page:

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