Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors step-by-step guide

4 11 2010

Here are step-by-step instructions for completing Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors on Club Penguin.


1. Talk with Gary the Gadget Guy about the earthquakes.

He tells you the most recent tremor started at the Dock.

2. Before you leave, grab the propeller hat on the coatrack to the left of G and put it in your inventory.

3. Use your spy phone to teleport to the Dock.

Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy the Crab pop up out of the snow, in a huge drill.

4. Talk to Herbert.

Herbert talks about a map, which Klutzy snips in half. The two map pieces blow away.

5. Pick up the green lantern Klutzy left, and put it in your inventory.

6. Make your way to the Town.

You see the two map pieces float by.

7. Talk to the worried-looking pink penguin.

8. Go in the Coffee Shop next, and talk with the barista.

9. Offer to help clean up, and click one of the cookies on the floor to pick them up.

10. Put the cookies in the green cookie jar.

11. Take the cookie the barista offers you, and put it in your inventory.

12. Go back outside.

Note that part of the map Klutzy snipped in half is stuck in the Nightclub sign.

13. From your inventory, give the green puffle the propeller hat.

He puts it on.

14. Now give the green puffle the cookie.

He eats the cookie. As he soars off, the map piece in the sign floats to the ground.

15. Pick up the map piece, and put it in your inventory.

Earlier, the other map piece floated toward the Snow Forts.

16. Go to the Snow Forts.

You see the map piece float by and get stuck in a flag pole.

17. Click the piece.

It sails off toward the Plaza.

18. Head to the Plaza.

You see the map piece sail into a penguin’s newspaper.

19. Talk to the green penguin queued for The Stage.

He won’t give you his newspaper but says he’s like a double-meat pizza, extra grey fish. (Blech!)

20. Go in the Pizza Parlor, and ask the waiter for a double-meat pizza with extra grey fish please!

21. Put the pizza box he hands you in your inventory.

22. Go back outside, and from your inventory, give the pizza box to the green penguin.

23. Ask the penguin for the newspaper.

24. Put the newspaper in your inventory.

25. Click the newspaper in your inventory, and you get the other half of the map.

26. Put one piece of the map on top of the other map piece in your inventory.

If you want, you can click the completed map to see the tunnel directions.

27. Teleport back to HQ, and go in the Gadget Room.

28. Report back to Gary.

The conversation seems a bit confusing, because G talks about searching for the map, but you have it with you.

29. Grab the hammer on the wall to the right of G, and put it in your inventory.

30. Look around the Gadget Room, and click the purple air tank.

31. Ask Gary about Super Helium, and ask him if you can take it.

32. Put the tank in your inventory.

33. Teleport to the Lighthouse.

34. Take the net, and put it in our inventory.

35. Talk to the orange penguin on the stage, and ask him if you can take some balloons.

36. Put the box of balloons in your inventory.

37. Teleport to the Sport Shop.

38. Put the box of tent pegs in your inventory.

39. Teleport to the Town.

40. From your inventory, take a balloon from the balloon box and put it on the super helium tank.

41. Click the inflated balloon on the Gift Shop to attach it.

The Gift Shop floats up a bit.

42. Quickly, take the net from your inventory, and put it under the floating Gift Shop, a bit beneath the door.

43. Take the tent pegs, and put them on the net, again right underneath the door.

44. Take the hammer, and tap the pegs into place.

If it works, the net supports the Gift Shop.

This can be tricky, trying to figure out where to place all the items. If you mess up and the Gift Shop sinks before you are done, go back to the Lighthouse, grab another net, and try again.

45. Now, teleport to the Dock, and look around for the hole Herbert and his drill popped out of.

46. Enter the hole, and look around for two tunnels.

47. Click the map either in the top-left part of your screen or in your inventory to see which tunnel to take.

48. Enter the first tunnel, following the directions on the map.

The directions are different each time you do the mission.

The tunnel is dark.

49. Click the lantern in your inventory to turn it on and light your way.

If you are a member, you can turn on your night-vision goggles instead.

50. Continue to follow the directions on the map.

If you correctly followed the map’s directions, you come to a spot right beneath the Gift Shop. Ahead, you see another tunnel.

If you took a wrong turn, you end up back at the beginning, so start again.

51. Enter the tunnel.

You see Herbert’s drill.

52. Take your spy phone from your inventory, and click the flashing-red light at the top of the phone.

53. Click the wrench that pops out, and use the wrench on the gear in the drill.

54. Put the gear in your inventory.

55. Enter the opening to the Boiler Room.

You see Herbert doing something to the boiler.

56. Click Herbert.

He talks with Klutzy.

57. Talk with Herbert.

He whacks the boiler with a wrench, and it starts to overheat.

58. Answer your spy phone.

59. Talk with Gary.

He tells you to fix the boiler.

60. Click the boiler to start repairing it.

You need to reconnect the pipes, hooking up pipes from the top-left to the bottom-right pipe.

61. To move a pipe, first click the pipe you want to move and then click the square you want to move the pipe too.

You can create any path you want with the pipes, as long as you eventually connect the top-left pipe to the bottom-right pipe.

62. Answer your spy phone again.

It’s Gary, asking you to report back to HQ.

63. Teleport back to HQ, and talk with Gary.

Keep talking with Gary until you can tell him you recovered the clock tower’s prime gear.

64. Hand Gary the gear.

65. Be sure to collect your medal and gift.

You’re done!

Did I miss anything?

If you want to see how to do other secret agent missions, go to our Mission Guide page: https://abominablegovernment.wordpress.com/psa-mission-guides/.

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3

Note: You may have noticed in the Lighthouse barrels of cream soda. If you want, you can take a barrel, make your way through the cave, and once you come to the sunken Gift Shop, shake the barrel and place it under the Gift Shop to help lift it up. The shop seems to float fine with just a super-helium-filled balloon, however, so I didn’t include that in the instructions. Go ahead and try shaking a cream-soda barrel to lift the shop if you want.




37 responses

26 11 2010

Thanks! This is one of the hardest missions.

You’re welcome! And I agree. This one is tricky.
Mr Snowball3

8 12 2010
Ashleii Loves Mrsnowball3

OMGgosh your the best! this one was tricky with all the pipes >.<

Thanks! I agree. Lifting up the Gift Shop was hard.
Mr Snowball3

22 02 2011

wow! thanks! this guide helped! but the pipe one part is just so tricky!!!!!!

After you do it once, you kind of get the hang of it?
Mr Snowball3

22 02 2011

😛 I almost forgot about the gear once.

I did the mission again last fall and did forget about the gear 😀 I had to look at our guide to remember where it was.
Mr Snowball3

23 02 2011

what is the use of super helium and the balloon?

You can use either the helium and balloons or the cream soda to lift the building.
Mr Snowball3

17 04 2016

My connection got lost when I was doing the pipes but I don’t know why so I had to do it all over again

Oh, no. Did you have to start over at the beginning?
Mr Snowball3

23 02 2011

oh yeah thanks i completed my mission!!!!!!

Mr Snowball3

23 02 2011

why r some items always hidden in the clothing catalog? why r some items not free for everyone? is there any way of getting a hairstyle for free?

I think items are hidden to make it a challenge to find all the stuff. I wish everything was available to free penguins. Didn’t CP release a free wig? I thought I saw a free penguin wearing a wig. One of my free penguins has only four hats and nothing else 😯
Mr Snowball3

23 02 2011

They must have bought it from a toy catalog. If youre a non-member penguin, and you get a toy code, you can buy member’s items from the toy catalog. I think its a rip off, seeing as its 10 bucks for one of their toy-coded stuffed penguins, and a membership for 6 months is only 30. With a membership, you can buy unlimited member items until your membership runs out. I highly suggest just getting a membership card.

23 02 2011
Mr Snowball3

Not to be all cranky, but I don’t like how you can get extra stuff if you buy a book or a toy. I think it should all be available from within the game. I hate playing card jitsu and some penguin plays a card I have no chance of getting. And I really don’t like that there is a mission—Herbert’s Revenge—you can’t complete on Club Penguin but is an important part of the Herbert story and all the EPF penguins refer to it in the game.

23 02 2011

I agree, especially on the Herbert one. And yeah, the card jitsu one is stupid too, because some people are SWARMED with power cards.

28 04 2011

i<3 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ur r so helpful.do u know how 2 get a free membership??????????

Thanks. I know how to get a free account! No idea how to to get a paid account for free!
Mr Snowball3

24 07 2011

wow the instructions realy worked thx

24 03 2012

it worked well 4 me to:)

24 03 2012


4 09 2011

i put the net under the house and then the bollon popped and the net dissaperd
how do i get it back?

4 09 2011

sorry i know how to now sorry for wasting ur time and by the way you are amazing and thank you so much for putting these on ive completed the level now thank you very much

4 09 2011
Mr Snowball3

Cool. Congratz!

1 01 2016

go again to the lighthouse and get the net again

1 11 2011

ok i don’t know how to make my night vision goggles turn on

If you have them, click the night-vision goggles in your inventory to turn them on.
Mr Snowball3

24 03 2012

that was my last mission to complete!!!Im so happy:)

27 03 2016


9 04 2012
Judy ju

Thanks amazing 

5 05 2012

omg thnxs so much holding up the gift shop was the tricky one for me but u was there to help

16 06 2012

i can’t get past the cave instructions :/

8 11 2015

same mine are all left

9 09 2012
manveer sodhi

from where does we get the hammer in lifting up the gift shop

18 06 2013

I have the night vision goggles in my inventory, but how do I make it so I can use it in the PSA missions?

18 06 2013

Not like the game inventory, but my account inventory.

19 06 2013
Mr Snowball3

Do you click them to wear them?

6 04 2014

i cant go under the gift shop

Oh, no! What happens when you try?
Mr Snowball3

23 06 2015

I cannot go under the gift shop please help me out ..

19 09 2015


27 03 2016


27 03 2016
Mr Snowball3

You are so welcome! Good luck with your last three!

14 05 2016
blood in roses

is it supposed to be pink in the beginning?

What is?
Mr Snowball3

14 03 2018

The pipe were the easiest thing in the world for me i do the pipes all the time!!!

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