Mission 11: The Veggie Villain step-by-step guide

11 11 2010

Here are step-by-step instructions for completing Mission 11: The Veggie Villain on Club Penguin.


1. Talk with Gary the Gadget Guy.

He asks you to guess the name of the seeds Herbert P. Bear dropped at the end of Mission 10.

2. Guess anything. You eventually pick the right answer.

Gary asks you to go the Gift Shop and investigate.

3. Using your spy phone, teleport to the Gift Shop.

4. Look around, and talk to Rookie.

5. Pick up the seeds of corn to the right of Rookie, and put them in your inventory.

6. Go to the Office upstairs.

7. Look around, and talk to Jet Pack Guy.

8. Pick up the corn seeds under the desk, and put them in your inventory.

9. Teleport anywhere, but the Sport Shop is a good spot.

Your spy phone rings.

10. Answer your phone.

It’s Gary, telling you to report back to HQ. The phone goes dead before he can finish, however.

If you try to teleport to HQ now, you instead will be teleported to a random spot on the island and see a message that the transporter is broken. Through the rest of the mission, you will need to use the map to get around the island.

11. If you are already in the Sport Shop, enter the third changing room.

12. Talk to Gary again.

He tells you someone is trying to take over the PSA main computer. Herbert appears on the monitors again. Gary then locks down the PSA mainframe and tells you to shut down Herbert’s broadcast in the Ski Village.

13. Make your way to the Lighthouse.

14. Grab the DVD under the piano, and put it in your inventory.

15. Grab the spray bottle and cloth on the speaker, and put them in your inventory.

16. In your inventory, use the spray bottle and cloth on the DVD to clean it:

  1. Click the spray bottle on the right of the screen, and squirt cleaning spray on the DVD until you get a message that you’ve sprayed enough.
  2. Click the cloth on the right, and click around on the DVD, wiping it perfectly clean.
  3. Put the clean DVD back in your inventory.

17. Before you leave, grab the empty can by the stairs and put it in your inventory.

18. Make your way back to HQ, and go in the Gadget Room.

If you pass through the Ski Village, you see a large screen.

19. Use the Test Chamber to fill the can with water and then freeze the water:

  1. From your inventory, put the empty can on the conveyor belt to the right.
  2. Click the handle with the red knob to move the can into the chamber.
  3. Click the water button in the middle to fill the can with water.
  4. Click the snowflake button on the left to freeze the contents of the can.
  5. Click the handle with the red knob again to move the frozen can out of the chamber.
  6. Pick up the disk of ice, and put it in your inventory.

20. Go to the Beacon.

21. Ask the penguin what he is doing and if you can help, somehow.

(Is this Rory?)

22. From your inventory, give the ice disk to the penguin.

23. Take the lens on the ground by the telescope, and put it in your inventory.

24. Go to the Ski Village.

You see a giant screen with Herbert projected on it, three penguins seated in front of the screen, and Rookie.

25. Talk to the brown penguin, seated in the middle.

He says he sat on his glasses, breaking them.

26. Tell him you will help find new lenses for his glasses.

27. From your inventory, take the lens and put it on the brown penguin to repair his glasses.

28. Talk to Rookie.

29. Click the projector to the right of the screen.

You see a DVD player and transmitter equipment.

30. Click the open/close button on the left side of the player to slide out the disc tray.

31. From your inventory, put the DVD in the disc tray.

32. Click the 0pen/close button to slide the DVD into the player.

The Halloween classic The Night of the Living Sled begins to play, but Herbert continues to talk.

33. Click the screen, and talk with Rookie.

34. Click the projector to the right of the screen again.

35. Take your spy phone from your inventory, and click the flashing-red light at the top of the phone.

36. Click the wrench that pops out, and use it on the satellite box to the right.

The face of the box falls off.

37. Click the now-exposed box to see a close-up.

38. You need to solve the code to discover where the signal is coming from.

Select four colors in the top row, and click the Check button. Note which colors you got right, and then make your selections in the second row. Keep going by process of elimination till you solve the code. The correct colors are different each time you do the mission. You can read the instructions over in the bottom-right corner if you get confused.

39. Talk to Rookie.

40. Make your way to the Mine.

41. Look around, and enter the cornfield.

As you find your way through the cornfield, look for four scraps of paper and a wood plank.

As you find each item, put it in your inventory. You may need to go down all the trails to find the paper scraps and plank.

Making your way through the cornfield can be confusing. If you get totally lost, click the map to return to the Mine and start again.

42. Follow the trail of popped corn till you come to the first piece of paper.

43. Put the paper in your inventory.

44. Go down the path to the right the paper was on.

You see the second piece of paper.

45. Pick it up, and continue down the path to the right.

You see the third piece of paper.

46. Pick it up, and go down the path to the left.

You see the fourth piece of paper and the wood plank.

47. Put them in your inventory.

48. In your inventory, drag the four pieces of paper on top of each other to repair the note.

49. Click the note to read how to grow super corn.

You can retrace your steps, but I think it might be easier to go back to the Mine and re-enter the cornfield.

50. On your map, return to the Mine and re-enter the cornfield.

51. Follow the trail of popped corn, like before.

52. When you see the yellow watering can, take the path just to its right.

53. For the next path, follow the trail of corn kernels.

54. Next, take the path just to the left of the bag of fertilizer.

55. Next, take the path just to the right of the hot sauce.

56. Finally, take the path just to the right of the sack of coffee beans.

You come to a stream.

57. From your inventory, take the plank and put it on the stream.

58. Cross the stream.

You come to a hill, with a ladder high up, out of reach.

59. From your inventory, take the corn kernels and put them on one of the torches.

The popped corn strikes and turns the handle, lowering the ladder.

60. Climb the ladder.

You see Herbert, sitting at a computer, talking on a microphone. Klutzy seems to be playing a video game?

61. Click Herbert to talk to him.

62. While Herbert and Klutzy are laughing, unplug the computer.

63. Talk with Herbert.

He teleports you to HQ, along with a souped-up popcorn popper with an ominous timer.

64. Talk to Gary and Rookie.

Herbert again appears on the monitors.

65. Look around for the green cabinet with the row of books, under the map.

66. Click the yellowy-orange book, in the middle.

67. Click the gadget that slides out of the larger cabinet to the right.

68. Solve the puzzle.

Match the colors in the inner ring with the colors in the outer ring by clicking the colors in the middle and inner rings. Shift colors between the inner and middle rings to align them.

The color code in the image below is nearly solved. I just need to click the yellow ring to shift it down, as shown with the arrow.

When you crack the code, a penguin pops out of the cabinet.

69. Talk to the penguin, whom Gary calls Dot.

Dot teleports everyone out of HQ right before the popped corn destroys it.

After a quite bit of talking, you learn that the PSA is finished and its files and investigations are being transferred to a secret co-agency, the Elite Penguin Force.

70. Get your medal and gift from Dot.

You’re done!

71. After the mission is complete, go to your Awards area.

72. Click the snow-dome award you just got from Dot.

73. Click the Shake button to shake the snow dome.

74. Click the red button on the right to reveal a pair of spy goggles and a note from Dot.

Did I miss anything?

If you want to see how to do other secret agent missions, go to our Mission Guide page: https://abominablegovernment.wordpress.com/psa-mission-guides/.

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3

Notes: Did you notice how many times someone mentioned eyeglasses in this mission? I counted four times, not including the spy goggles after the mission (click to enlarge the images below):



Jet Pack Guy

Brown Penguin

Did you find other mentions of glasses?

Finally, the mission name is The Veggie Villain, so I’m guessing Club Penguin is referring to corn as a vegetable. But corn is usually not considered a vegetable but is a grain or possibly even a fruit. The Grainy Villain doesn’t sound as interesting though 🙂




61 responses

16 02 2011

The puzzle is so annoying 😦

I agree. Take your time, and use process of elimination. You will get it.
Mr Snowball3

15 07 2011

i hate Mr Snowball3 =( he makez us totally insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 02 2012

At least Mr Snowball3 helped you on the other missions, right? 🙂

And if you could, or if you would like to, can you please answer my question on the bottom? I can’t find the Mine Shack.

Thank you 🙂

20 10 2012

GO to your map and it is right above the Surf Shack

4 06 2016

I went.Its not coming

4 06 2016

I am playing level 11

10 02 2012

ur saying it 2 urself :-0

4 04 2012
Marrissa Salerma

You are saying it to yourself

4 04 2012
Mr Snowball3

That is not really me! That’s a Mr Snowball3 impostor! Look at the impostor’s avatar!

4 06 2016

May i please know how to go to mine.

4 06 2016

Your are right.

23 02 2011

thanks i got it with ur help!!!! but really the puzzle was annoying…….i just love the suprecool goggles as gift!!!!!!!!

This mission was way too long. It had enough stuff to be two missions!
Mr Snowball3

23 02 2011

ur right mr.snowball!!!!!!! plz add me on cp!!!!!! how often u come online?

I go on on weekends and sometimes during the week. I’ve been serving ice cream this week at the dance lounge!
Mr Snowball3

27 02 2011
Justin Bieber Luver

sorry but this didnt help me AT ALL because the stupid club penguin wouldnt let me go back to the HQ through the dressing rooms….. to bad for me cuz now i am completely stuck!!!!! Can anyone help me?

12 11 2014

First of all, Justin bieber luver, you said the “s” word. Second of all did you do it from the gift shop or sport shop? You are supposed to do it from the sport shop. The last one on the right. Kittengirl15

13 11 2014
Mr Snowball3

Thanks for the help, KittenGirl!

27 02 2011
Justin Bieber Luver

nevermind i FINALLY got it!! lolz. sorry this website actually did help me after all…. Thanx!!!!!!

Mr Snowball3

3 04 2011

Thank u Mr. Snowball!! I have completed all of the missions 🙂

Mr Snowball3

11 06 2011

you are cool

12 07 2011

thx 4 helping me through the veggie villain mission… ur the only website that actually worked!!! 😀

22 07 2011
s girl

thank you , with out you I would have never finished veggie villin

6 02 2012

I still can’t finish it xD

19 08 2011

Im sooo confused on the part where you have to unlock that thing!

19 08 2011

I don’t have the snow globe in my award thing.

22 08 2011

what were the lens for?

6 02 2012

The lens help on a part of the mission.
You will eventually have to give the lens from the Lighthouse to a penguin who accidentally sat on his glasses when watching the movie.

Hope I helped! 🙂

And if you could, or if you would like to, can you please answer my question on the bottom? I can’t find the Mine Shack.

Thank you 🙂

16 10 2011

i love this website!!

Me too!
Mr Snowball3

25 12 2011

thank you so much Mr Snowball3. because of you I was able to finish all of my missions.

Mr Snowball3

29 12 2011


You are welcome!
Mr Snowball3

31 12 2011

how do u get 2 the gadget room and hq WTF?

6 02 2012

Go to the Sports Store and move toward the changing rooms.
Go to the third changing room, which is the one on the right.

Not the middle changing room,
not the left changing room,
go to the right changing room.

Hope I helped 🙂

And if you could, or if you would like to, can you please answer my question on the bottom? I can’t find the Mine Shack.

Thank you 🙂

31 12 2011

I dont really care but still…
waddle on!

6 02 2012

Sorry, but I’m trying to have someone to answer me, so sorry if I annoy you right now 😀
This is my message:

If you could, or if you would like to, can you please answer my question on the bottom? I can’t find the Mine Shack.

So, please reply to my message at the bottom, which is the post under this one.

Thank you 🙂

6 02 2012


I’m doing the mission RIGHT NOW, and I CAN’T find the Mine Shack!!! ;(
My Spy Phone isn’t working, and I don’t know where to go!!! Please help me! :[


10 02 2012
Olanima Salerma

redo the mission . if dose not work , contact a moderater and they will help you

17 05 2012

Use the map

19 05 2013

use the map instead of the Spy Phone. it might work better. if it still doesn’t work, contact a Moderater and they will help.

20 04 2012

finished all my missions now i have nothing to do

Oh, no! I wish CP would release another mission!
Mr Snowball3

10 05 2012


22 07 2012

i cant get the puzzle to change colour. its stuck on pink. Plz help me Mr snowball3

29 10 2012

cant crack the code:(

29 10 2012

oh no cant crack the code

1 11 2012

it is the hardest mission ever

I agree. It feels like CP smushed three missions into one!
Mr Snowball3

10 11 2012

The corn maze gave me a headache!!!
The second time there wasn’t any popcorn!

The corn maze was crazy-making!
Mr Snowball3

19 05 2013


Mr Snowball3

10 08 2013

if you do the code wrong and you have something green you should do the green one again and do the red one with a different color

11 01 2014

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!! I completed all the missions bcuz of you!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a Lot!!!!!!!!!!!

You are welcome! Mr Snowball3

2 03 2014
3 03 2014
Mr Snowball3

Thank you for sharing this link.

14 07 2014


14 07 2014
Mr Snowball3

I love Watteau!

14 07 2014

omg rookie taked the test 44 times xd xd xd

14 07 2014
Mr Snowball3

This is the mother of all missions. I wake up screaming, dreaming I am still doing this mission.

25 06 2015
Kian Middleton

hi lolz I did all ur instructions and I finishes the missions but now when I click get my medal and reward it dosent let me me get it and if I go off it then i’ll have to start it all over again plz tell me how to do it thxs so much and Mr Snowball thx u a tiny winy bit UR SO ANNOYING I HATE U DIE IN HELL SNOWMALL HAHAHAHA FIREEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE XD WINK!

11 09 2015
Mr Snowball3

Err. OK?

26 06 2015
lee suelbi

i dont have this snow ball..

26 06 2015

cool thanks iv’e completed all of the missions and a 100,000 times thank you 😀

28 06 2015
kule dud3

how do you do the target thing

31 01 2016

is there any other missions? :/

It’s crazy, but Mission 11 is the last one, so far.
Mr Snowball

20 05 2016

Do we know what’s next in the way of missions?

The last one, mission 11, came out about six years ago, and Field-Ops kind of took their place. I wish CP did more because I think the missions are fun and challenging.
Mr Snowball3

4 06 2016

Bla Bla

Well, maybe not “Bla, Bla.”
Mr Snowball3

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