The Water Hunt scavenger hunt

16 11 2010

Club Penguin started a Water Hunt scavenger hunt today.

Click the bucket in the top-right corner to get started hunting for treasure:

You need to collect eight water-related items:

1. For the first—at a food stand—go to the Ice Rink/Stadium:

2. For the second—at a java sack—go to the Coffee Shop:

3. For the third—a bowl with a golden fish—go to the Pet Shop:

4. For the fourth—a place you go to surf—go to the Cove:

5. For the fifth—a place you go to read a book—go to the Library above the Coffee Shop:

6. For the sixth—the place that has Thin Ice—go to the Dance Lounge above the Night Club:

7. For the seventh—a place you’d land a ship—go to the Beach:

8. For the eighth—a fish that’s in the air—go to the Dojo:

Claim your prize at the end:

Be sure to get your free Bucket Hat at the Snow Forts:

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3


The Halloween candy scavenger hunt

29 10 2010

The Halloween party has started!

Click the jack-o’-lantern in the upper-right corner to get started:

You need to collect eight treats:

When you click  a treat, you see a hint for where to find it:

1. For the first one—Where the starfish lay—go to the Beach:

2. For the second—overlooking a snowball fight—go to the Snow Forts:

3. For the third—near glowing light—go to the Iceberg:

4. For the fourth—flip your wig—go to the gift shop:

5. For the fifth—a spooky instrument—go to the Pizza Parlor:

6. For the sixth—a ninja shadow—go to the Ski Lodge and click the mirror:

7. For the seventh—improve the flavor of the brew—go to the Plaza:

8. For the eighth—largest pumpkin on the isle—go to the Beacon:

For your treat, you get a scavenger stamp and can claim your prize: a new background.

Be sure to get your free bat wings in the Plaza:


Mr Snowball3

Holy smokes! 200,000 hits

27 04 2010

Yip! Our blog got 200,000 hits this last Sunday. Not to get all mushy and everything, but it is extremely cool that you all have visited our Abominable blog.

Thank you 🙂

Snowy and I are coming up with a date for our 200,000 hits party.

Waddle on!
Mr Snowball3

Sub-Marine Party starts!

15 02 2008

BREAKING NEWS: BillyBob said today that Gary the Gadget Guy’s invention on the Iceberg will be a new game. He said we will find out more early next week.

Today the Sub-Marine Party begins! The underwater party is to celebrate Club Penguin’s attempt to save Rockhopper’s ship the Migrator.

The new pin is at the cove. Walk out in the tide pool to the rock to get the anchor.


A Seashell Belt free item is in a box In the Library above the Coffee Shop.


A Yellow Snorkel free item is in a treasure chest In the Forest.


Click the oyster in the middle of the Forest to see a pink puffle. Also click the stuffed fish in the big shell to make it change colors.

The Nightclub is a sunken submarine. I love it! In the Lounge above the dance floor is the control room of the submarine. Click the big red button on the control panel to sound the alarm.


I like how CP decorated the Nightclub the best. But I like the Coffee Shop and the Lighthouse Tower too.


The party will run from February 15 to 20.

Aunt Arctic said in the newspaper that a new year book from Snowball Press may be on the way. Watch the shelves up in the Library for the new book.

In other news, Gary the Gadget Guys said he is almost done building the submarine that he will use to recover the Migrator. He said he will take the first dive to Rockhopper’s sunken ship on February 19. You can see the nearly completed sub on the Iceberg. I wonder if it will be a new game?


Go to the Iceberg today to vote for a name for G’s vehicle.


The free Miner’s Hat is still on the Iceberg too.

Upcoming events.
February 15: Sub-Marine party and new pin
February 19: Launch of G’s sub and name revealed
February 22: Furniture update
February 29: Sports catalog update

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~

Party this Friday

12 02 2008

BillyBob said today that the new party will start this Friday and go until Wednesday. He said the party will include new stuff and some old favorites from past parties. Here is a picture BillyBob has from the party:


That looks like the library.

Woo hoo!

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~

Gary the Gadget Guy working to recover the Migrator

7 02 2008

In today’s newspaper, Gary the Gadget Guy said he has been working on a device to recover Rockhopper’s ship the Migrator. His plan is to bring up the Migrator bit by bit. He will work from the iceberg.


The paper said Club Penguin will have a special party on February 15 for the Save the Migrator campaign.

And BillyBob said there will be two new postcards Friday.

Upcoming events.
February 8: Post-card update and new play at the stage
February 15: Party begins and new pin
February 22: Furniture update

Click here to read the newspaper.

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~ 

The Winter Fiesta-Val is here!

18 01 2008


The whole island is decorated for the winter fiesta, with pinatas, balloons, banners, cacti, and planters everywhere.

The free maracas are in the dance lounge:


The free pin is a sombrero. It is in the forest in the donkey pinata:


Swing twice at the donkey pinata with your cursor, and the pinata bursts open and the sombrero pin falls out:


A churros and ice cream stand is also in the forest. A taco stand is by the lighthouse.

The dock is decorated like a plaza, with a dance area. The dance club is decorated like a Mexican pyramid.

I wish the pizza shop had chips and salsa!


Oh, wait! The chips and salsa are in the coffee shop! 😀


I think the coffee shop is my favorite fiesta room.

The fiesta goes January 18 to 20.

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~