The Winter Fiesta-Val is here!

18 01 2008


The whole island is decorated for the winter fiesta, with pinatas, balloons, banners, cacti, and planters everywhere.

The free maracas are in the dance lounge:


The free pin is a sombrero. It is in the forest in the donkey pinata:


Swing twice at the donkey pinata with your cursor, and the pinata bursts open and the sombrero pin falls out:


A churros and ice cream stand is also in the forest. A taco stand is by the lighthouse.

The dock is decorated like a plaza, with a dance area. The dance club is decorated like a Mexican pyramid.

I wish the pizza shop had chips and salsa!


Oh, wait! The chips and salsa are in the coffee shop! 😀


I think the coffee shop is my favorite fiesta room.

The fiesta goes January 18 to 20.

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~


Fiesta party preview

15 01 2008

Billy Bob showed a preview of the Fiesta party that starts this Friday and goes to Monday.


Mmmmm … Churros!

He also said there would be a free item at the party.

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~