Today’s newspaper

21 02 2008

Today’s newspaper has lots of news.

It has a story on the new Aqua Grabber game and says we will find out soon what we will do with the pieces of the Migrator we collect.

The paper said we will get new igloo furniture February 22 and get new fishing lures to catch the big gray fish in the Ice Fishing game February 29. It also said new books are coming to the Book Room.

Upcoming events.
February 22: New igloo catalog and new furniture catalog
February 29: New sports catalog and new pin
March 3: New books in Book Room
March 7:
New wig catalog and new clothing catalog

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Gary the Gadget Guy working to recover the Migrator

7 02 2008

In today’s newspaper, Gary the Gadget Guy said he has been working on a device to recover Rockhopper’s ship the Migrator. His plan is to bring up the Migrator bit by bit. He will work from the iceberg.


The paper said Club Penguin will have a special party on February 15 for the Save the Migrator campaign.

And BillyBob said there will be two new postcards Friday.

Upcoming events.
February 8: Post-card update and new play at the stage
February 15: Party begins and new pin
February 22: Furniture update

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~Mr Snowball3~ 

New Better Igloos furniture catalog

18 01 2008

What a busy day! The new Better Igloos furniture catalog came out this morning.


New items include a Snowman, Sled, Superheroes Stage Poster, Fan, and Lamp:


The Pinata, Mexican Vase, Mexican Rug, and Area Rugs are back:


Click the top of the Cash Register for the Moose Head:


Click the Upright Piano to find the Pipe Organ:


Click the Home Stereo to get the Concert Lights:


Click the trunk of the Ficus Plant for the Mullet:


Did I miss anything?

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