Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs step-by-step guide

21 04 2008

The new Club Penguin Secret Agency mission came out today! It is called Clockwork Repairs.

Here are step-by-step instructions for completing Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs.


1. Talk with Gary the Gadget Guy.

He tells you about the broken Clock Tower, which is causing other clocks on the island to go haywire.

2. Click the monitor of the Snow Forts G points to.

You see the polar bear and crab you learned about in Mission 5 removing the prime gear and target-winder from the Clock Tower. You also see a spring flying off toward the Iceberg.

3. Talk to G again.

He asks you to repair the clock. You need to find the missing spring and target and make a new gear.

4. Before you leave, go to the other side of HQ and click in the middle of the Invention Cabinet.

You see a combination lock using secret-agent code.

5. Go back to G, and tell him you need to use the Electromagnet 2000.

He tells you the password is key.

6. Go back to the cabinet, and click it.

You see the lock again.

7. Using secret-agent code (you can find the code in the bottom-right corner of your screen), click the up and down arrows to set the lock combination to the letters k e y. See the picture below for the correct code:

The combination lock opens.

8. Grab the Electromagnet 2000, and put it in your inventory.

9. Now, go in the Gadget Room.

10. Look around for the shelves, grab the life-preserver ring off the top shelf, and put it in your inventory.

(If you want to learn more about how to repair the clock, go to the Snow Forts and talk with Rory, the penguin standing in front of the Clock Tower.)

11. Go to the Iceberg.

On the Iceberg, you see the spring, frozen in a large ice cube floating in the water.

12. From your inventory, take the Electromagnet 2000, and click it on the ice cube to pull it out of the water.

13. Put the ice cube and the Electromagnet 2000 in your inventory.

14. Head to the Ski Village, and talk with the two penguins about the physical properties of snow.

15. Go to the Beach next.

16. Talk to the yellow penguin sitting in the fancy snow chair.

He tells you his specially made chair was crafted by a yellow puffle.

17. Take the green bucket by the yellow penguin, and put it in your inventory.

18. Now, go to the Dock, and talk with the two penguins in blue-team uniforms.

They tell you how they got the Clock Tower target.

19. Ask if you can have the target.

They will give you the Clock Tower target if you can hit it with a snowball three times.

20. To hit the target, click and hold your mouse button to build up the power to sling a snowball.

21. Aim a little ahead of the target, and click your mouse button again to throw a snowball.

You get ten snowballs. If you don’t hit the target three times, try again.

22. Talk to the penguins after you hit the target three times, and they give you the target.

23. Put the target in your inventory.

24. From your inventory, grab the life-preserver ring and give it to the penguins so they can keep practicing.

25. Go to the Town.

26. Talk to Rookie, the agent you met in Mission 3.

He is handing out posters for the missing Clock Tower gear.

27. Tell him you’ve been looking for a picture of the gear.

He offers you a poster.

28. Click the poster he hands you, and put it in your inventory.

29. Go to the Snow Forts.

30. Take the green bucket from your inventory, and scoop up some snow.

31. Put the bucket of snow in your inventory.

32. On to the Plaza, and go in the Pizza Parlor.

33. Put the sheet of music by the piano in your inventory.

34. Go to The Stage.

35. Take the sheet of music from your inventory, and put it on the piano.

You see a yellow puffle peek out from behind a curtain.

36. Play the song on the sheet music, matching the colored notes on the sheet to the colored piano keys.

The yellow puffle comes out.

37. Click to the left or to the right of the screen to exit the close-up view of the piano.

38. From your inventory, take the poster and give it to the yellow puffle.

39. Now from your inventory, take the bucket of snow and give it to the puffle.

The puffle makes a gear out of snow!

(If you give the puffle snow from anywhere but the Snow Forts, the gear will fall apart after the puffle builds it.)

40. Put the bucket back in your inventory.

41. Put the gear in your inventory.

42. Head back to HQ, go in the Gadget Room again, and look for the Test Chamber.

43. Take the ice cube from your inventory, and place it on the right side of the conveyor belt of the Test Chamber.

44. Click the red handle near the bottom to move the ice cube into the chamber.

45. Press the fire button on the right.

You melt the ice.

46. Click the red handle again to move the spring out of the chamber.

47. Put the spring in your inventory.

48. From your inventory, take the snow gear and place it on the conveyor belt.

49. Click the red handle to move the gear into the chamber.

50. Press the red snowflake button on the left.

You superchill the gear.

51. Click the red handle to move the gear out of the chamber.

52. Put the gear back in your inventory.

53. Go to the Snow Forts.

54. Click near the bottom of the Clock Tower.

You see the clockwork.

55. From your inventory, take the spring and put it in the clockwork:

56. Now from your inventory, take the gear and put it in the clockwork:

57. Finally, from your inventory, take the target and put it on the winding arm to the left of the Clock Tower:

The clock is running now.

Your spy phone rings.

58. Answer your spy phone.

It’s the polar bear!

Now G walks out and says you’ve done excellent work.

59. Talk to G.

60. Be sure to get your medal and gift.

You’re done!

Did I miss anything?

(If you want to see how to do the other secret agent missions, go to our Mission Guide page: https://abominablegovernment.wordpress.com/psa-mission-guides/.)

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~

Note: Here’s my favorite part of the mission 🙂




118 responses

23 04 2008

you didnt say if the puffle ran away what do u do???

The yellow puffle decides to stay with the play and not follow you. During the mission, if you click the yellow puffle, you get a message saying, “he seems comfortable here in The Stage.”

~Mr Snowball3

30 05 2011

I can’t put the Sheet of Music in the piano, what am I gonna do?
When I put it it just makes SOUNDS…
What will I do?

12 09 2011

exit the parlor and got to the stage its the building to the left of the pizza parlor

3 03 2012

go to the stage in the other place near pizza parlour..

24 04 2012

put in on the piano in the stage and put it on the space

9 06 2016

Just keep looking back and forth from CP and this

2 05 2008

Amazing work. i just finished the mission. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!@!!!!!!!

I really liked this mission.
Mr Snowball3

4 06 2008

Great step-by-step guide; got me through this mission in a breeze! Thanks!

29 07 2008


Where is the stage ???? I cannot seem to hit the targets :S Any tricks or what can I do ???

The stage is in the plaza, next to the pizza parlor. For the target, aim a little ahead of it, and release your mouse button when you are ready to fire. If you don’t hit it three times, you can keep trying.
Mr Snowball3

9 12 2008

great job!!!!

Mr Snowball3

26 12 2008

thank you for everything you have done for missons

No problem. Thanks for using our guides 🙂
Mr Snowball3

26 12 2008

i love you

Hee hee!
Mr Snowball3

27 12 2008
Iced Lollies

hey mr snowball! thanks soo much! you did an awsome job on the walkthrough.. helped me out heaps!
xoxox Iced Lollies

You are welcome!
Mr Snowball3

29 12 2008

Hi! I can’t give the Puffle the sheet of music, it just says ‘It seems you have made this puffle very happy’ every single time.

You give the puffle the poster from your inventory.
Mr Snowball3

1 01 2010

The same thing is happening to me, i don’t know what to do ! help pleease ! by the way, this is reaaaally cool (:

Thanks. But what happened?
Mr Snowball3

1 01 2010

Wait just kidding, you have to leave the hit the white arrow and he will follow and then you give it to him.

Thanks, Lauren! You are right. You have to exit the window by clicking on either side. Then you can give the puffle the poster and bucket of snow.
Mr Snowball3

29 12 2011

i cant get the puffle to come it makes these faces and leaves to go behind the certin

29 12 2011

i did it thank you i love this website i cried because i could not find it but than i did

Mr Snowball3

31 12 2008

that was great dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Snowball3

8 01 2009

that was awesome!

Mr Snowball3

15 01 2009

Thanks loads for the awsome info………very helpfull………………………

You are welcome!
Mr Snowball3

17 03 2009

ugh i can’t make the clock work help!

Where are you stuck?
Mr Snowball3

24 03 2009

haha mr.snowball

Mr Snowball3

24 03 2009

hi guys im Mr.Snowball

Really? All this time I thought I was. You learn something new every day, my mom always says 😉
Mr Snowball3

8 05 2009

this really helps at sticky bits in the mission! thanks!

You are welcome!
Mr Snowball3

4 06 2009

Thanks for the walkthrough! if i didnt come here i would totally mess up lol

This was a tough one.
Mr Snowball3

5 07 2009

Thanx i did every mission with your step by step guide.By the way can we be buddies????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. I’ll look for you when I’m on!
Mr Snowball3

5 07 2009

im book marking this 100% sure

Mr Snowball3

15 07 2009

thanks Mr Snowball

this is the best guide ever

helped when i got stuck!

Thank you! Glad we could help 🙂
Mr Snowball3

24 07 2009

hmm the yellow puffle wont take the poster. what do i do?

You have to exit the window first by clicking at the side. Then you can give the puffle the poster and bucket of snow.
Mr Snowball3

26 07 2009

yup. he wont take it

That’s weird. Do you have a bucket of snow in your inventory?
Mr Snowball3

11 09 2009


I love CP!
Mr Snowball3

14 09 2009

Andrea did you play the piano according to the notes you found in the pizza parlor?

Good question.
Mr Snowball3

21 09 2009

i can’t hit the target

It can be a little frustrating. Hold down your mouse button, aim a bit ahead of the target, and release your mouse button when you are ready to fire.
Mr Snowball3

11 10 2009

i cant pass the snowball one

How are you stuck?
Mr Snowball3

15 01 2010
sweet girl

thanx for it

You are welcome!
Mr Snowball3

25 01 2010

i can’t get past the puffle bit it is so hard have u got any tip i can use to help me?

I thought that part with the puffle was was overly hard to do.
Mr Snowball3

30 01 2010

Hard mission but thnx 2 u i got it! u rock! Thnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I agree. I thought this one was overly confusing.
Mr Snowball3

31 01 2010

g didnt walk out

Where was he?
Mr Snowball3

15 02 2010
Hannha montana

mr snowball! i am back! its been a long time!

Hannha … is that you?
Mr Snowball3

15 02 2010
Hannha montana

please tell me you remember me

Nope. Doesn’t ring a bell 🙂
Mr Snowball3

16 02 2010
Hannha montana

you really dont remember me? :greg: we met and we forgot to meet on my birthday

Hannha, of course I remember you! How could I forget our best-ever commenter. How have you been? What is :greg: though?
Mr Snowball3

16 02 2010
Hannha montana


Oh, no! Sad face!
Mr Snowball3

16 02 2010
Hannha montana

oh :Greg: is that thing that its like a smiley and it moves like it bows like congrats or something

Err. But it’s not doing anything?
Mr Snowball3

16 02 2010
Hannha montana

it should be making a smiley

Right, but it’s not?
Mr Snowball3

16 02 2010
Hannha montana

my mom doesnt like you so i didnt chat with you for a while and now i am keeping you a secret

While my mom loves me enough for everyone, I don’t want anyone else’s mom hating me either. I suggest you listen to your mom, Hannha.
Mr Snowball3

16 02 2010

lol snowball isnt a pedo….i hope…

Thanks for your support. 🙄
Mr Snowball3

7 03 2010
Mr. Snowball

I am Mr. Snowball now!!!

Errrm … hello? I am Mr Snowball3! Or am I …
Mr Snowball3

13 03 2010

wow great work! xx

Mr Snowball3

17 03 2010

um…i tried your step by step guide for this mission but when i go to the iceburg i cant see the spring?? please help

Yikes! You don’t see a ice cube off the iceberg?
Mr Snowball3

21 09 2015
Z Carmine

I’m having the same problem, but rookie and the two kids aren’t there either

17 05 2010
candy lover

the puffle woulld not make a geer

It’s tricky. You have to click the side to exit the window. Then the puffle will take the poster and bucket of snow.
Mr Snowball3

18 07 2010

Thnx Mr. Snowball3 everytime i neeed help i always come to ur guides i used ur guides on almost every mission well really every mission btw dont spell my name out loud

6 08 2010

Ha ha! Your Mr.Snowball3 i’m Mr.Snowball4!!

Mr Snowball3

11 09 2010

i beat clockwork repairs thx dood

You are very welcome. Congratz!
Mr Snowball3

2 10 2010

aaaagh its herbert lol

Hee hee!
Mr Snowball3

2 10 2010

who likes herbert

I think he is pretty funny. I love his crab friend, Klutzy!
Mr Snowball3

6 12 2010

I cn’t play tht aiming thing. i did 1 and 2 but 3 is so hard dnt we have a cheat or something for tht

Don’t give up. I had to try a bunch of times. Build up all the power, aim a bit ahead and high, and fire. You will hit it.
Mr Snowball3

8 12 2010

It won’t let me go to the stage. :(((((((((

Wait! What happened? You can’t enter the stage? Or you cannot click the piano in the stage?
Mr Snowball3

9 12 2010

I can’t enter it. D: Let me start over though. I hope it works.

Yikes. I just did that part of the mission again, and I could enter The Stage and click the piano. Let me know if it works for you.
Mr Snowball3

9 12 2010

Grr, it still won’t work. 😦 I click on the stage but it won’t do anything. AHHHG.

Can you not get in the building? Click either door to enter The Stage.

If you are in the building, did you click the piano? Clicking the stage or the curtain doesn’t work. You need to click right on the piano.

Let me know if it works.
Mr Snowball3

14 12 2010

it wont let me on the stage at the pizza parlour

You don’t need to go on the stage in the pizza parlor. Just click the sheet of music.
Mr Snowball3

14 12 2010

all the piano does is make sounds

Playing the piano is tricky. Look at the color of the first note on the sheet of music, and click the piano key that is the same color. Go to the next note on the sheet of music, click the piano key that is the same color, and then repeat for the rest of the notes.
Mr Snowball3

16 01 2011

thanks alot snowball3 i got the medal and the gift!!!

From Icecream9469

16 01 2011
Mr Snowball3


17 01 2011

i think there is an error in my game, i can’t find a single person, but i did find the puffle,there was also no tools, weird

I remember that happened to me once. Until I talked to G, I didn’t see a single penguin on the island.
Mr Snowball3

30 01 2011

yay thank you!! yay gracias! I didnt do this mission for a while…

¡No hay problema!

Señor Snowball3

17 02 2011
Someone Special

Yo Mr. Snowball!! u really rock!!
thanx a lot!

You’re welcome!
Mr Snowball3

19 02 2011

i love u ur the best

😯 Thanks!
Mr Snowball3

2 04 2011

idk how to play the piano! plz help!

It’s hard. Just follow the colors.
Mr Snowball3

11 04 2011

every time i try and put the music on the piano it doesnt work what do i do?

What happens when you try?
Mr Snowball3

30 04 2011

Hi love that you helped but I can’t get the puffle to come out even if I play the song it smiles but doesn’t come out can you give me the exact way you did it because I really wanna finish this mission right now so please answer as fast as you ca thanks for the help!!! 🙂

Yikes. Did you play the music by matching the colors?
Mr Snowball3

23 05 2011
Please Reply ASAP

hi… I really want to finish this mission but i can’t find the stage in pizza parlor and when I click the piano it makes a doorbell (weird sound) sound… and i can’t see any curtains!! please help immediately ASAP i really want to finish the mission!! and i don’t like to start again cause i hate the 2 penguins when i hit the target… PLEASE REPLY ASAP… thanx

Oh, no! This part is really hard. It sounds like you found the stage?
Mr Snowball3

4 06 2011

i love club penguin

4 06 2011

i love club penguin,i wnt nobody2 but u.

28 06 2011
j lu skye

that was a giant help thanks:)
who ever done this website?

1 07 2011


20 07 2011

every time i play the music it dosent come out what am i doing wrong???
please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 07 2011

every time i play the music the puffle dosent come out. what am i doing wrong???
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 07 2011

This was great! I never even knew how to play the music sheet, yopu should really put that on there cuz i thought purple was last! Anyways this was great! Thanks again,waddle on!

1 08 2011

thanks mr snowball good thing u made these guides if not we might get stuck on the missions

1 08 2011

peace everyone by the way misspelled the its (Y)asuo101

22 08 2011
Lily Alison

Help!! I cant see the ice cube anywhere! 😥

23 08 2011
awesome world

nice itz a real help of u guyz and why iz she so like odf

23 08 2011
awesome world

hahaha i dont no wat i waz thinkin

25 08 2011

rookie wont give me the posterall he says is hows your mission going and he dosent let me talk

4 09 2011

hi im having trouble because when the puffle builds the wheels he builds a statue of a penguin deep in thought for me

14 09 2011

This is GREAT step-by-step guide! Could you add me on there? Girlsrcool. I got through that mission in only a couple minutes! Thank you very much!

Mr Snowball3

27 09 2011

I cant believe iv finally finished a mission now. Thanks Mr Snowball3. At-least you put pictures step by step.

4 12 2011

Hi this has helped me ALOT, thankx a bunch 🙂 Such a cool website! You are so nice to help people/penguins.. can we be buddies? When will u next be on and where can we meet?
Thankyou xx

3 01 2012

hey thanks you helped me sooo much thanks alot i was really stuck 😀

27 01 2012

thank i use this all the time when i am on club penguin

3 02 2012

Hi, How do i get on the stage???? i keep clicking on and around the piano but nothing happens…..Plzz helppp ‘_’

4 05 2012

the same with me

4 05 2012

it’s the stage in the movie theater

1 06 2012

yes it is

1 06 2012


Mr Snowball3

14 06 2012

i clicked something else while talking 2 ronnie and now i dont no wat 2 do!

17 09 2012

pagal pagal pagal pagal

Err … yes!
Mr Snowball3

28 10 2012

I can’t pass the target one! I took your advice, and I have been trying for 3 hours now!

29 10 2012

Oh, nevermind. I beat it! 🙂 Thanks!

5 11 2012
Josh King

I can’t hit the target at the end it is really hard can you please help

5 11 2012
Josh King

and also the rest of the targets I really can’t do it

I think the targets are way too hard. Keep at it!
Mr Snowball3

11 11 2012

I love this website Mr Snowball! It gives me the best guides! Thanks a lot!

You are welcome! We love it too!
Mr Snowball3

29 09 2013

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 09 2013
Mr Snowball3

You are welcome!

13 05 2015

i love u mr snowball3!!!!!
i want to marry you.
how old r u?

Oh, jeez. I’m speechless!
Mr Snowball3

18 06 2015

There is no bucket of snow on mine.

18 06 2015

Help, please!

18 06 2015

Oh I figered it out, woops.

18 06 2015

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

26 06 2015

I cant hit the darn targets! I’ve been trying for 30 minutes!

31 08 2015

When I finished the mission, I only got the metal and not the gift. Why is that?

19 09 2015
Rylie A. Bayless

Apparently, acording to the clock: 2+2=4; AAAAAH; Waz UP?!?; Help!; 404 Error; E=MC2; Got the time?; OH NU i DISCCONECTED WHILE TELLING TAAAALES!!! AAAAAH! Oh well I guess that aaaaah came in handy XD

20 09 2015
Rylie A. Bayless

Also, when I finished the target, I WAS ON MY LAST SNOWBALL AND GOT IT XD

Nice! Mr Snowball3

27 09 2015

I cant seem to get onto the stage!!!!!

4 11 2015

The puffle does NOT wanna come out! how many ever times i play the music! help!!!

This part seems really hard. I had to try several times.

Mr Snowball3

4 11 2015

the puffle doesnt come out!

What happens when you try?

Mr Snowball3

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