How to become an Elite Penguin Force (EPF) agent

17 01 2011

Here’s our guide for how to become an agent for Club Penguin’s Elite Penguin Force—or EPF, for short.

1. From the Ski Village, enter the Everyday Phoning Facility:

The first letters of Everyday Phoning Facility are EPF!

2. Answer the ringing telephone:

The first test is for aim.

3. Hit the target on the wall above the telephone:

The second test is for speed.

4. Move to the green square:

5. When the gate drops, dash to the red square:

The third test is for stealth.

6. When the 20 second countdown starts, throw a snowball at the lens of camera 2:

7. Then, hide behind the column on the right:

The fourth and final test is for problem solving.

8. Do not walk to the blue square—as the monitor tells you to.

9. Instead, throw a snowball at the glowing-blue electrical panel on the right:


(You can walk over to the blue square and throw a snowball from the cage trap, but you will receive a lower score. You can also just stand in the middle of the room and not move. You pass no matter what.)

Congratulations! Welcome to the Elite Penguin Force.

10. Enter the elevator to visit the Command Room and receive a message on your fancy Elite Spy Phone:

Be sure to check out our EPF field-op guides.

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3




9 responses

6 03 2011

Thanks! This helps a lot. im using this for my blog for people who need help too! Great job by the way for your pictures! Keep up the good work!

Waddle On!

6 03 2011

You’d have to ask Snowball bout that. Copyrighted work you see? He officially owns this guide.

6 03 2011
Mr Snowball3

Thanks for the kind words. We love our site. Please do not take images or text from our site.

7 03 2011

i am soo sorry about that! I’ll remove them right now! I still love your site! 🙂
Again, sorry! 😦
Waddle on!

8 03 2011
Mr Snowball3

Thank you!

15 07 2011
Tiny Teddies

somebody has copied it because the excact same thing is on Wiki answers! =0

9 03 2012
my penguin name is Sunsetponys1 add me!

Waddle On! xD

27 06 2015

Um, I believe it has changed! I recently tried, but, the telephone isn’t ringing. I clicked it numerous times,but nothing happened. The thing closest is to roll your mouse over the phone logo. And then you will see a EPF logo, and then you can go to the base…. Does this still work?


Oooo. Weird. I will check.Thanks.
Mr Snowball3

8 11 2015

hi i recalnty went there now its PSA How does it work now

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