The Water Hunt scavenger hunt

16 11 2010

Club Penguin started a Water Hunt scavenger hunt today.

Click the bucket in the top-right corner to get started hunting for treasure:

You need to collect eight water-related items:

1. For the first—at a food stand—go to the Ice Rink/Stadium:

2. For the second—at a java sack—go to the Coffee Shop:

3. For the third—a bowl with a golden fish—go to the Pet Shop:

4. For the fourth—a place you go to surf—go to the Cove:

5. For the fifth—a place you go to read a book—go to the Library above the Coffee Shop:

6. For the sixth—the place that has Thin Ice—go to the Dance Lounge above the Night Club:

7. For the seventh—a place you’d land a ship—go to the Beach:

8. For the eighth—a fish that’s in the air—go to the Dojo:

Claim your prize at the end:

Be sure to get your free Bucket Hat at the Snow Forts:

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3




6 responses

16 11 2010

Card Jitsu Water is coming.

17 11 2010

admittedly, i never even finished fire xD

17 11 2010
Mr Snowball3

Me either. I need to check how much I have left to go 😯

17 11 2010

I got like 2 items xD

18 11 2010
Frothe Farkle

I have 7% to go! Almost there. 🙂

Nice! I just looked, and I have 6% 🙄
Mr Snowball3

19 11 2010

lol didnt know you used this site frothe

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