Goodbye, Club Penguin. Hello, Club Penguin Island!

3 02 2017

Holy smokes. When Snowy Owl made this site 10 years ago, I figured Club Penguin would be here forever. I never considered, given how popular the game was, that CP would go away, or become something different. But shows what I know, right? Club Penguin is closing March 29, 2017.

So goodbye, Club Penguin and all the penguin friends I made. Thanks for the parties and snowball fights. Especially, thanks for all the Connect Four games in the Ski Lodge.

Most important, thanks to all you penguins who visited and commented on our site. I swear, our mission guides are still the best you can find on the web! We spent so much time playing and replaying and replaying those missions just so we got everything right 🙂

Thanks to Snowy for letting me help him with this site, and thanks to Frothe Farkle for always checking in!

I look forward to seeing what Club Penguin Island is. It better have Connect Four!

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3




11 responses

7 02 2017
Frothe Farkle

Hi Mr Snowball3 I came here to tell you the sad news but I see that you have already heard. There are talks on twitter of a reunion party for old bloggers. When I get a date I will let you know. WOW 1 and a half million hits later pretty impressive. Nice to see your alive and well. 😀 Thanks for the mention.

Waddle On

7 02 2017
Mr Snowball3

Hey, Frothe. A reunion would be fun. CP was the first place I saw a blogging community be so involved with helping other players with a game. I like the idea that we are “old bloggers.” 🙂 My penguin today is 3,454 days old, so maybe I am an old blogger!

5 03 2017
Frothe Farkle

OK so I have some reunion news. On March 25th at 1pm Club Penguin time on Marshmallow server there will be a big and final reunion party. There is a twitter site for this:

On a sad note. The Club Penguin team announced that there will not be a Club Penguin Band in the new Club Penguin Island game. The last time any of the Penguin Band could be seen was last week at some meet-ups. So as of now the Penguin Band is no more. The band has split up and gone to live with family on the shores of Argentina somewhere.

Hope to see you there. 😀

6 03 2017
Mr Snowball3

Thanks, Frothe! It’s on my calendar! Do you have a way to alert John/Snowy Owl/ White Weasel?

10 03 2017
Frothe Farkle

I left a message on a site he goes to, but I don’t know if he will see it in time. I hope he will come with some other old friends as well.

It will be great to see you online at the party. 😀

21 03 2017
Mr Snowball3

Frothe, I just found out I will be traveling on Saturday. I’ll try to jump online at 1 pm, but I am doubtful. If I can’t make it, tell everyone “Hi!” from The Abominable Times!

8 04 2017
Frothe Farkle

Well my internet box burned out on March 16th. Just my luck. I was able to use a laptop and a city Wi-Fi connection to make the party but I could not move to other rooms without my browser crashing. So I stayed in the town the whole time and saw some old penguins such as Oreo Summit (an old blogger) and Fever (creator of the Watex Warrior army).

On the last day I got a new internet connection at about 12noon. So I was on CP for about 10 hours and saw some of my old friends for the last time. I did see John/Snowy Owl log on in the last hour but not on my server. Servers and rooms were so full in the last hour you couldn’t really get to where you wanted to be. It was sad to see it all go. 😦

10 04 2017
John (Snowyowl)

I attempted to track you down! It seems the friend list has gotten glitchier as time has gone on.

Ah well.

28 04 2017
Frothe Farkle

Hello John, The last year on Club Penguin the friends list was very glitchy from day to day. I usually went on twitter to find friends whereabouts. It just so happens all the moderators use twitter as well. The old timers Sleet server changed to Marshmallow server over the course of time. As you logged in so did my old friends Kkabc and PoppyJohn. It was so crowded we could not all stay together. Anyways how’s life going? Ever talk to Dani?

20 09 2017
Frothe Farkle

Good news Mr Snowball3. There are a few private servers sites running the old Club Penguin game. 2 of these sites still have the P.S.A. missions. So this site might continue to get hits at least until flash dies within the next 3 years.

Over and out! 🙂

27 11 2017
Mr Snowball3

Hey, Frothe! That makes sense. We continue to get steady traffic — about what we were getting a year ago, which seems interesting — but nothing like what we were seeing two years ago.

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