Yip! One million hits!

11 09 2015

In 2007, when we made our first post, who knew our blog, originally about a then-empty server occupied by an upstart Club Penguin army, would one day get one million hits? Not Mr Snowball3, that’s for sure.

But we did!

Thank you to everyone who has visited and commented and made suggestions for how to make our blog better. Thank you, Snowy Owl/John/White Weasel, for allowing me to help on your Abominable blog. Thank you, Frothe Farkle, for always checking in. And thank you, Rebel Penguin Federation, for deciding it was a good idea to defend a server no one at the time visited!

After all this time, I still believe we have the best-written and most-helpful Club Penguin mission guides you can find on the web.

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3




4 responses

13 09 2015

You guys should reopen I will leave a banner on my armies site if you give me the link to the banner

3 10 2015
Frothe Farkle

Howdy Mister Snowball. 🙂 Yes you made it to the million hits mark. CONGRATS!!! And thanks for the honorable mention.

Club Penguin brought back the P.S.A. missions and your site once again helped penguins complete the tasks. This is what got you your last 100,000 hits. This is quite a feat. Keep the site up and enjoy your next million hits. 😉

22 10 2015

I still check this website occasionally xD

My god it’s been almost a decade. I feel so old.

But damn, 1 million hits. That’s crazy.

24 10 2015
Mr Snowball3

Hi, John/Snowyowl/White Weasel! December will be eight years, I think? Our top three posts are our guides to missions 2, 1, and then 3. The top non-mission guide is our post on how to find Rockhopper 🙂

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