Winter bloggerland

3 12 2012

I look forward to December on WordPress more than any other month.


Our blog snows! And we don’t have to shovel it!

Move your pointer around to change which way the flakes drift!

Happy holidays to the penguins of Abominable!

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3




5 responses

7 12 2012

please bring this website back!!

It’s still here!
Mr Snowball3

20 12 2012

Hi. This site feels ancient now XD (PS, I can’t log in. Its been a while.)

It is ancient! Our blog’s fifth anniversary is this month!
Mr Snowball3

31 12 2012
Frothe Farkle

Happy New Year!!!

CHEERS (*penguin toot*)

2 01 2013
Mr Snowball3

And you too! And to you, Snowyowl, wherever you are!

2 03 2013
Frothe Farkle

Since Disney took away the PSA missions on Club Penguin this site hits has slowed to a crawl. I hope they bring them back soon. Dumb Disney 😐

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