Just saying …

6 02 2012

Some time this spring, we will reach 600,000 hits, and I swear on a stack of CP Library books we will have a party!

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3





7 responses

9 02 2012
Frothe Farkle

YAY! 😀

15 02 2012
Mr Snowball3

Maybe we can get John/Snowy Owl/White Weasel out of retirement long enough to attend?

15 02 2012
Frothe Farkle

When I see him on chat I will give him an owl call (*hoot* cough *hoot*) XD

21 02 2012
Mr Snowball3

Excellent! Should hit 600,000 within two months?

13 03 2012
Mr Snowball3

Probably in the next four or six weeks!

25 03 2012
Frothe Farkle

Wow almost there. 😮

26 03 2012
Mr Snowball3

Maybe two weeks, with what we’ve been averaging this year?

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