Halloween Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt

23 10 2011

The Club Penguin Halloween party has started!

Click the ghostly book in the upper-right corner to get started catching the candy ghosts:

1. Search near sand and surf.

At the Cove, click the candy near the surfboards:

2. Head to a spooky house.

Go to the Woods, head to the Haunted House, and click the candy by the tombstones:

3. Make your way to a wooden shack.

At the Mine, click the candy:

4. Find a popular spot for tour guides.

At the Ski Village, click the candy by the costume-show stage:

5. Seek out a snowy slope.

On the Ski Hill, click the candy:

6. Wander into the woods.

In the Woods, click the candy over on the right:

7. Look toward a tower of light.

At the Beach, click the candy by the pile of sticks:

8. Be on the lookout for a boat.

At the Dock, click the candy up behind the fence:

Now claim your prize!

Be sure to check our guide to the sixth anniversary hat and Halloween party too!

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3




One response

31 10 2011
Frothe Farkle

So when you login before you choose a server click on I got a code. Then enter PUMPKIN1 and your non-member penguins can unlock a pumpkin head for free!!! 😀

Also you can get the ghost costume for your non-member penguins at the Haunted House until the Halloween party is over. So hurry up and get it.

Chinstrap looks like an old penguin. XD

Chinstrap 2 is 1,472 days old today! How old is that? Four years old? Mr Snowball3 is 1,527 days old. I forget why I made Chinstrap, but I like that he has the Halloween pumpkin basket!
Mr Snowball3

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