EPF Field-Ops No. 44: Take Protobot and the Test Bots offline

10 05 2011

 The latest Club Penguin EPF Field-Op mission is out, No. 44.

1. Answer your spy phone, and report for duty in the Command Room.

2. Click the yellow Field-Ops screen to learn about your mission:

Herbert has transmitted Protobot’s and the Test Bots’ current location. Head to the woods north of the Cove, and take them offline:

3. Head to the Cove.

4. Stand by the red inner tube, by the lifeguard chair:

5. Answer your phone.

6. Destroy the incoming targets by entering the x,y coordinates:

Field-op complete.

For help with the latest field-op, check our EPF field-ops page.

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3




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