EPF Field-Ops No. 42: Search the island for a micro-computer

28 04 2011

 The latest Club Penguin EPF Field-Op mission is out today, No. 42.

1. Answer your spy phone, and report for duty in the Command Room.

2. Click the yellow Field-Ops screen to learn about your mission:

Agent D has prepared a special stealth training exercise. Search the island for a hidden micro-computer in an everyday object, and remain undetected:

3. Head to the Town, and enter the Coffee Shop.

4. Stand right next to the tree, in the left corner:

5. Answer your phone.

6. Decrypt the passcode by matching the shapes:

Field-op complete.

(Hooray! A field op I can complete!)

For help with the latest field-op, check our EPF field-ops page.

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3

Note: A new class of elite gear came with this field op: Stealth. The basic stealth set includes Dark Vision Goggles …

… which used to be called Night-Vision Goggles back when you could buy them in the F.I.S.H. book …




One response

27 08 2015

wheres the yellow screen thing in the room i dont see it

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