Earth Day Egg Scavenger Hunt 2011

20 04 2011

Woo hoo! Club Penguin started celebrating Earth Day today!

Here are the locations for Club Penguin’s 2011 Earth Day Egg Scavenger Hunt.

First, click the egg up in the top-right corner to see your clues:

1. “Start your search near a small bonsai.”

Enter the Dojo, and click the egg behind the bonsai tree in the right corner:

2. “Find this egg near a floating boat.”

Go to the Dock, and click the egg floating in the water:

3. “Look for this egg around some trees.”

Head to the Forest, and click the egg near the bottom-left corner:

4. “Think of where you most like to swim!”

Go to the underground pool in the Cave, and click the egg behind the lifeguard chair:

5. “Now find the polar bear wrapped in vines!”

Head to the Mine Shack, and grab the egg in the branches of the tree:

6. “Find the room with the rocking horse.”

Climb up to the Lodge Attic, and grab the egg in the left corner, by the couches:

7. “Spot this egg on top of a hill.”

Go to the Ski Hill, and pick up the egg near the Ridge Run sign on the left:

8. “Start a machine and make it snow.”

Finally, get your penguin to the Snow Forts and grab the egg in the bottom-right corner:

Now claim your prize: A Safari Park Background (and a Scavenger Hunt stamp if you haven’t earned that one yet).

While you are out, be sure to pick up your new pin in the Ski Lodge:

And don’t forget to get your Outback Exploring Hat for free in The Plaza:

Plus, Rockhopper is on the island! Grab your Island Grove background on The Migrator and keep an eye out for the penguin pirate.

I love scavenger hunts!

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3




2 responses

21 04 2011

thanks guys this helped me!

You are welcome!
Mr Snowball3

21 04 2011

I like your site. It helped me a bunch to find all the eggs. I have nothing else to say!


Glad we could help. I like our site too 😀
Mr Snowball3

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