EPF Field-Ops No. 40: Scan remote areas for scrambled radio signals

19 04 2011

The latest Club Penguin EPF Field-Op mission is out, No. 40.

(Oops! Sorry. I missed this one because of spring break.)

1. Answer your spy phone, and report for duty in the Command Room.

2. Click the yellow Field-Ops screen to learn about your mission:

With the Earth Day party coming up, G expects Herbert P. Bear and the Protobot to strike. Work together to scan remote areas for scrambled radio signals:

3. Head to the Iceberg.

4. Stand over near the bottom-left corner:

5. Answer your phone.

6. Tune the radio scanner to match the frequency number. Match the rotating dial to the numbers that appear:


Field-op complete.

For help with the latest field-op, check our EPF field-ops page.

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3




One response

19 04 2011

that radio matching thing is so hard! why do they persist??

I know! I saw it was the radio dial again, screamed, and didn’t even try to do it. It is way too hard.
Mr Snowball3

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