The Puffle Party 2011 begins

17 02 2011

Club Penguin kicked off the Puffle Party today.

Be sure to check all the rooms! Grab a puffle from your igloo, and take it to its party room to earn a Party Puffle stamp:

In the Plaza, pick up your Blue Puffle Hat:

In the Pet Shop, adopt your Brown Puffle, if you didn’t get one during the Wilderness Expedition:

From the Dance Lounge, take the elevator up to Night Club Rooftop. Bust a move!

From the Snow Forts, take the path to the Puffle Feeding area …

… to feed puffles by throwing O berries at them:

At the Beach, enter the Box Dimension from the portal box near the Lighthouse:

In the Lighthouse, have your portrait painted:

From the Ski Village, check out the Puffle Show:

At the show, have your puffle do the exercise course and get groomed.

Grab your Striped Puffle Jacket while you are there:

The party runs from February 18 to 27.

Did I miss anything?

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3




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