EPF Field-Ops No. 33 Guide: Search for the hidden device and then deactivate it

16 02 2011

The latest Club Penguin EPF Field-Op mission is out today, No. 33.

1. Answer your spy phone, and report for duty in the Command Room.

2. Click the yellow Field-Ops screen to learn about your mission:

You are to search for a device Herbert P. Bear claims to have hidden in a box and then deactivate it:

3. Find a Portal Box:

  • Either head to the Beach for the Portal Box by the Lighthouse …
  • … or find an igloo with Portal Box furniture, which was released for April Fool’s day in 2009. Go on a busy server, and go from igloo to igloo till you find one:

4. Enter the portal to reach the Box Dimension, and walk to the box in the far left corner:

5. Answer your spy phone.

6. Destroy the circuits by matching the shapes:

fo-destory-circuits.png (400×253)

Field-op complete.

For help with the latest field-op, check our EPF field-ops page.

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3

Note: I don’t have a Portal Box! Why didn’t I buy one!




4 responses

21 02 2011

thank you

You are welcome. I like this field op.
Mr Snowball3

23 02 2011

hey thanks i wouldnt of done it without you and thanks again plz help me 4 the next field opp cheers

You are welcome! We try to do field-ops guides the same day CP releases them.
Mr Snowball3

4 07 2011

i cant find it!!!?

19 08 2011

there is no portal! i am really confused :L has it got anything to do with the Air Conditioning machine by the ski lodge?? Thanks.

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