New Catalog (I hate these things xD)

5 02 2011

Hi guys! The new clothing catalog came out yesterday. Sorry this post is a day late, but here ya go!


For those of you who perfer a visual walkthrough, heres the assortment of hidden items that took me forever to get pictures of. Youre Welcome.

First, click the bucket on the penguins head. Click it once for the Red Viking helmet, and three times (not counting the first) for the Blue Viking helmet.

Next, click the tree in the background on this page.

Click on the word “Penguins” and a whole group of hidden items appears.

Now click on the blue Christmas lights on this page.

Click the yellow puffle on this page.

On that same page, click the stairs made out of snow.

On this page, whenever you click a treetop, an outfit will appear.

Click the circled area of this tree to get a gingerbread outfit!

Click the bluish-green bulb on the Christmas tree.

Click the tree under the penguin’s umbrella. An item will appear.

Click this pink penguin’s beak to make a Blue Designer Scarf show up.

Click this purple penguin’s beak for a Pink Designer Scarf to show up.

On that same page, click the orange penguin’s flipper. A Blue Striped Scarf will show up.

Did I miss anything?




3 responses

5 02 2011
Mr Snowball3

Looks good!

5 02 2011

Took hard work lol

11 07 2011

i just wish everything in the catalog was separate(just asking)

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