EPF Field-Ops No. 32 Guide: Check any citizen electronics for infection

4 02 2011

The latest Club Penguin EPF Field-Op mission is out today, No. 32.

1. Answer your spy phone, and report for duty in the Command Room.

2. Click the yellow Field-Ops screen to learn about your mission:

You are to check any citizen electronics for infection:

3. Head to Town, enter the Dance Club, and stand on the stage behind the music mixer:

4. Answer your spy phone.

5. Repair the system by using the arrows to enter directions for the repair bot:

Field-op complete.

For help with the latest field-op, check our EPF field-ops page.

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3




7 responses

5 02 2011

Snowball, I’ll do the clothing catalog. We sort of messed up the every other post thing lol.

5 02 2011
Mr Snowball3

Opps. Sorry. I logged on and saw the new field-ops.

[edit] Wait! We didn’t mess up. The last four posts we’ve alternated 🙂

5 02 2011

Oh really? YAY FOR US! Alright, how about to ensure we dont mess up in the future, you do field ops, i’ll do system defender, and the rest we alternate. [PSA missions dont count].

5 02 2011
Mr Snowball3

I think that will work. I bet we see a new system defender in the next day or two.

5 02 2011

[dont worry, im not good at field ops anyway xD]

5 02 2011
Mr Snowball3

Oh, cool. I’ve got a system down now and can do a field-op quickly. I like doing them.

5 02 2011

The new post will take a little while. It took forever to take all those pictures, and then I made a video version for people too.

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