That was some party …

8 01 2011

OK. Well, that wasn’t the most successful party we’ve had 😯

I arrived five minutes late, and no one was in the Coffee Shop—no one. At least I got to drink my coffee in peace.

Finally, one penguin showed up and threw snowballs at me.

Then another penguin came in and asked me to be her boyfriend.

I politely said “No, thank you,” and she called me rude and said she reported me.

All in all, I’d rather have played Find Four.

Waddle on!

Mr Snowball3




6 responses

8 01 2011

Sorry, currently dying. (I have some form of sinus infection) I forgot. I say we throw a “Snow-is-alive” party.

8 01 2011
Mr Snowball3

Ouch. Feel better.

8 01 2011

are you on the computer right now? i can go there now if you want lol

8 01 2011

its 10:01 PST right now

8 01 2011

logged off again, we’ll have to add each other another time.

9 01 2011
Mr Snowball3

Oooo. Sorry I missed you. I logged off earlier. Feel better.

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