Dont Waste Your Money

30 05 2010

Hey guys, Snowy here saying DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY BUYING HERBERT’S REVENGE! Yeah, I said it. Why you may ask? Because, theres only 10 missions, and the first 8 are the ones ALREADY ON CLUB PENGUIN! Yeah, I know, total rip off! And the last 2 missions is just the ending. Ill tell you the ending. Basically, Herbert shot a heat beam on club penguin hoping to warm it up, but he sunk half of it, then crashed his blimp. G pushed the half of the island up, and Herbert was saved. They then fixed his blimp, and he floated away, with nothing he could do to steer it. Later on CP, u will receive a postcard from him from a “warm place”.

Really, heres what I thinks going on. Disney is mad because they didnt get all the money they thought they would by buying CP. They made this game to bring up profits. They destroyed the PSA to ADVERTISE THEIR PRODUCTS. And by accepting everyone into the EPF, they extinguished the exclusive rights the people who bought the original game had. Disney is the slimiest bunch of money grabbers I have ever seen.





2 responses

5 06 2010

snoball its me dylan5001 im saying i quit RPF

6 06 2010

im not snowball, im snowyowl. snowball is a bit busy at the moment.

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