Ask Snowy

25 02 2010

Hey, its snowyowl! Well after talking to Snowball [call me snowy, call him snow] I’ve decided to make an advice colum. Every week ill answer 1 question and give 1 person advice on any predicament they are in. Email requests to . [the page says this too lol]





2 responses

1 03 2010
Mr Snowball3

I have questions 🙂

1. How do you make money?

2. What do you do if someone is following you around, flashing hearts at you?

3. What’s your favorite item of all time, and why?

1 03 2010

1. You wear a dress and…. OH WAIT THIS ISNT GRAND THEFT AUTO. Play games XD

2. You do the puke face and ignore them/change server.

3. I dont really have a favorite item, but one of the ones I like is the Red Construction Helmet.

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