Christmas Party!

9 12 2009

I know this is REAALY early, but we are having a Christmas party. Here’s the info:

What: A Christmas Party!
When: December 24, 2009
Time: 5 pm Club Penguin Time
Where: John458896’s igloo, on the Abominable server, of course 🙂

Also, just introducing myself for those who don’t know, my name is Snowyowl/John458896. I was the creator of this blog, although Snowball did most of the work. I made this site because I was the governor of the RPF server (now former server) Abominable. Snowball was my senator. Anyway, I usually am not on cp if not for updates or army stuff (I’m the leader of the Falcons). So yeah, hello and all that stuff.





6 responses

24 12 2009

20 more mins, you there Snowball?

24 12 2009

Abominable is full, go to Crystal

17 01 2010

Check your email.

I wrote back 🙂
Mr Snowball3

12 02 2010

Snowball the falcons changed to the thunder warriors due to advertisement issues, so can you take down the banners and advertisements for me?

Will do, boss!
Mr Snowball3

15 02 2010

Boss? do not call me that, or i will rip your flippers off with a marshmallow XD. Not even when i led CPAF, did i let anyone call me anything but my name, hate nicknames lol

Sorry. Just your tone was so managerial! So Snowy is OK and so is White Weasel? Or are those out too? 😉
Mr Snowball3

16 02 2010

Snowy= Fine
John= Fine lol

Mr Snowball3

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