New play, and G is building his device on the iceberg

8 02 2008

Whoa! What a busy day!

The new play is out today. It is called “Team Blue’s Rally Debut.” The play is of a mascot tryout, the stage is a gym, and the costumes are for the mascots and judges.


Over on the iceberg, you can see what Gary the Gadget Guy’s is buidling to bring up the Migrator. His device looks like a small submarine with an arm for grabbing the pieces of the wrecked Migrator. He is also building a pier or something beside the iceberg.


On the left of the iceberg is a box of free miner’s helmets, so everyone can help G. Put on just the Miner’s Helmet and then dance to drill with a jackhammer (just like the Hardhat does).


Finallly, there are three new postcards.

One for Jet Pack Adventure:


One for asking a penguin to be your buddy:


And an invitation to meet on the ski hill:


Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~




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