Photos from our party

27 01 2008

Hi, penguins of Abominable:

We had the Abominable Times 1,000 hits party yesterday. By the time the party started, our blog had 2,000 hits! 😀

We had cake in my igloo,


then went sledding, and finally went to the pizza shop, where I bought pizza and root beer for everyone.


Thank you to all the penguins who stopped by (I tried to write everyone’s name down): Bluea2, Cuddles424, Fredtodevin, Fudthejkcly, Girlandmore, Hut2456, Kingy3de, Kit Kat Ki, Mdance 1595, Penguin49298405, Sandyballoon, Sjsc331, Whezy16, and Yugobob.

And thanks to Girlandmore for staying to help clean up the mess!

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball~




2 responses

27 01 2008

We’ll add you to our blogroll. Thanks!! ~mm4cp~
! P.S.- Helpmeoncp is one word not four….just so you know !

13 10 2008
Thank you for 30,000 hits! « Club Penguin Abominable Times

[…] you for 30,000 hits! 13 10 2008 I remember when we had our 1,000 hits party earlier this year, and now we got […]

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