I saw Rockhopper

25 01 2008

BREAKING NEWS 1/29: Look through the telescope on the lighthouse: Rockhopper’s ship the Migrator is breaking up!


BREAKING NEWS 1/25: BillyBob says Rockhopper is staying on the island through next Friday. I wonder if we get to help him fix the Migrator or build a new ship?

I was looking yesterday afternoon for Rockhopper, and I found him.

I went to the iceberg, and he was there!

He walked around and threw some snowballs! He also went to the dojo, the pizza shop, and the beach!

And he talked too.

He said, “Ahoy!” “Me hearties, listen up.” “Icebergs be dangerous business!” “Lesson Learned! Keep your eyes on the sea!”

He said this about the Migrator:

“Ship or no, I still be a Captain!” “Arr! Me ship be sunk, but not me spirits!”

But he also said this:

“A ship can be fixed, maties!”

I wonder if that means he will fix his ship the Migrator! Or maybe build a new one? Maybe we will help him?

Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~





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