Code translated from Mission 5

19 01 2008

I was doing Mission 5 again, The Secret of the Fur, and wondered what the secret-agent code said that flashed on the screen of the Furensic Analyzer 3000.


I translated the first secret-agent code on the screen, and it says:

Agent, this text is completely random. If you can read this, I am very impressed. Good job.


Next, I translated the next secret-agent code on the screen. It says:

This is even more random text. It has no real relevance to the mission but it sure is fun to translate.


Then, I translated the third secret-agent code on the screen, at the end of the mission. It says:

This is the third and final piece of random text in the mission. I hope you had fun translating it.


~Mr Snowball3~




7 responses

19 01 2008
Tanuki I

sweet. 😛

21 01 2008
Club Penguin Geek

cool that must of taken u a long time!!
good job

Thanks! It did take a long time! 🙂
Mr Snowball3

22 09 2009
Mission 5: Secret of the Fur step-by-step guide « Club Penguin Abominable Times

[…] time ago, we translated the code that flashed by on the Furensic Analyzer 3000 in this mission. See this post to learn what the code says. The messages are funny […]

23 11 2009

Hey, How come you don’t have a walkthrough of mission 8 on Club Penguin?

We hope to have it done shortly, I promise! We are working on Mission 4 right now.
Mr Snowball3

24 11 2009

brain loading…… brain loading…… I think i’ll do some videos sunday. Maybe i’ll get mission 8 done.

Cool! I’m behind on getting the guide for mission 4 done 😯
Mr Snowball3

9 04 2012

wow! you did a really good job in translating that.
I am impressed.

Thank you. I always wondered what it said!
Mr Snowball3

7 04 2016

Wow I could’t new someone would bother to doing. Lol

It was fun to translate!
Mr Snowball3

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