New play, new camera, old heart

11 01 2008

The new play is out today. It is called Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal.

The play includes a reporter with a camera. If you are wearing the camera and wave, the camera takes a picture with a flash.


That’s my friend Steel Pit taking a photo of me. lol

And the heart emote is back. Press E and H to get the heart or find it with the other emotes. I kind of liked not seeing penguins flashing hearts all the time but I’m glad Club Penguin listened to everyone and brought it back.


Waddle on!

~Mr Snowball3~




23 responses

11 01 2008

AWSOME!!!!!!!! COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you! And thank you again, you are our 1st comment!
Mr Snowball3

29 03 2008

Wheres the camera on clubpenguin?

It was part of the Superhero play at the theater. You bought it to be the reporter in the play.

Mr Snowball 3

29 03 2008

NICE SITE DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COOLLLL!!!


Mr Snowball 3

9 06 2008
Dudely 07


You are welcome!
~Mr Snowball3~

11 07 2008
The camera is back! « Club Penguin Abominable Times

[…] If you are wearing the camera and wave, the camera takes a picture with a flash. […]

12 07 2009

do you like the old clubpenguin better? when they had the 3D glasses for sale and diferent graficts?

I liked the old days a lot: I miss when there would be only two or maybe three of us on Abominable at one time, and we’d be really thrilled to find each other 🙂 I had a group of friends on Alaska I’d play Find Four with every night. When the servers got mixed up and Alaska got crowded, we stopped meeting. But I like these new days too. I like how much Rockhopper comes now. I like all the missions. I like all the new items. I even like how busy Abominable is … when I can get on 😉
Mr Snowball3

15 09 2008


Thank you for your helpful comment. 😉

Mr Snowball3

15 01 2010
Foolish Boy

hahaha but thats mean

I took in the spirit of, err, well, not meanness.
Mr Snowball3

16 12 2008

Is there any way to get the camera if the play is over?

The play has returned once and I bet it comes back again. Be patient: I think CP will bring the play back 🙂
Mr Snowball3

7 01 2009

were is the camra

It comes with the Squidzoid play. I am sure CP will bring the play back again, so be sure to grab the camera when it does.
Mr Snowball3

1 05 2009
george baggott

how do you get a cctv camera to put in your igloo

It was an item available in a catalog. I’m sure it will be back again.
Mr Snowball3

5 05 2009
Sun wing

dude u beeter change this site u know its getting really old so get new stuff on here dude. sun wing out 🙂

We are tying, I promise 🙂
Mr Snowball3

5 05 2009
Sun wing

ok this is really old now u know

Well, in our defense, we never said this post was new 😉
Mr Snowball3

12 07 2009

i liked the old times better

11 04 2010


Mr Snowball3

27 07 2010

how do you get the camera now that the play is over (i want to earn the snap shot stamp)
(posted on july the 27th 2010!!!!!!!)

28 07 2010

You cant, you’ll have to wait until it comes back.

30 07 2010

thank you!

5 08 2010

The problem is that i can’t find the camera. I was just wondering if somebody could awnser this question and tell me where i can buy a camera

The camera comes around just when CP does the play. It will return shortly, as CP rotates plays quickly.
~Mr Snowball3

13 08 2010
abc cp

is the camera 4 members only

Err. I think so?
Mr Snowball3

15 03 2011

In Club Penguin i never got a camera how do we get it its kind of hard to look for try the cheats of Club Penguin

The camera is part of the play Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal. The play comes back every once in a while, so be patient and it—and the camera—will return!
Mr Snowball3

15 03 2011


Mr Snowball3

13 08 2012

Thx for the info and this is the only website i found tht said it

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